The favored child

The education of children was once based on the strong authority of parents, but today they are much relieved of parents' guilt.

It will not be easy for future generations to keep up in this very complicated world - many parents think, and not a few of them have the conclusion that all burdens have to be shed on children, all disappointment, all disappointment it must be accomplished immediately, lest you miss something that will bring your child to a better position, a better place, greater social recognition, that is, happiness!
To this educational logic of child psychologists, we often say that even those who lead to hell are well-intentioned. For they are dealing daily with the effect of the insidious measure called amenity.Without limits, there is no security Saarbrücken University has been researching parents of four-year-old children about their parenting methods. He tapasztaltбk to elutasнtjбk today anyбk бltalбban the erхre, tekintйlyre йpьlх ъgynevezett nevelйsi authoritarian principles, instead kizбrуlag children йrtelmйre prуbбlnak impress, but йrvelnek, magyarбznak vйgkimerьlйsig.Az better elemzйs sorбn kiderьlt that this nevelйsi mуdszernek eredmйnyeivel the same time very elйgedetlenek. In the majority of cases, inefficiency will eventually bring the baby out of the drift, and eventually the tool will to milder or more serious forms of violence recourse. However, this is what most parents have he will have a serious remorseyou may want to apologize to your child.However, you will begin to recite the already useless letters, for example, about your coming to bed, the pendulum swung higher than the allowable. The so-called partnership education method because what comes with a lot of benefits for older children is only exceptionally successful during school age, as it is based on hypotheses. In the real world we find that the commentary is the child many times he doesn't understand, but if you understand it, it does not fail in its own imagination.

Don't be afraid to say no!

Many parents are afraid to say no to a child because they are afraid of losing their confidence and violating their personal development. However, the situation is almost reversed: if there are no unambiguous rules and no bans on important requests, the little child will feel less secure. Because he has to decide too much, even if he has no life experience, the consequences of things cannot be rewarded, etc.How is it all about indulgence? If parents are incapable of saying no, then the child will almost certainly win, for example, when it comes to bedtime, what to put on a dressing box, etc. which is why they cannot have enough with their children. Try to make the impossible possible, by deceiving the child. Many times the financial means of the family are far beyond their clothing, playgrounds, and expensive kids' parties. In the real world, this often has the opposite effect, the child loses, it does not find meaningful life goals, you do not develop a sense of responsibility for your own destiny. Of course, most parents do it with the best of intentions. The authoritarian parenting style in which they, but even their parents, have grown up, has left many people with mental disabilities, painful memories, and hardships. But the all-permissive, even all-consuming form of criminality thrusts the child in another sense. Parents can turn a blind eye to a child's rage if they do not immediately fulfill all their ills, but this will undoubtedly create uncomfortable situations in their friendship, even a small dictator, even by social standards, has been merged with an institution. The demanding, eloquent, unsuspecting, comforting child is mostly at this stage without going to a psychologist or parenting advisor, and what he or she can recommend to the parents. Even with a system of expectations that are better adapted to the currency, parents find it very difficult to realize that it was a mistake to let everything go, to fulfill all desires, to be honored at all times, and to endure all dangers.

Our eyes became a dictator of light

Of course, psychologists who deal with the subject are also wondering what a deeper explanation this may have for a worldwide social problem that has become a widespread social problem. Parents probably want their children good. What also leads them to an educational year that, in children who are not able to cope with the reality of life, is rarely a drug addiction or a criminal offense. Commercially, infants, and more specifically their parents, are consumed by branded goods. Parents, who themselves participate in the consumer race, do not even realize how to involve the child. Her little dress, her plaything, her hairstyle, and her whole appearance should fit into the image generated by a large number of commercials. Although few people admit it openly and are not conscious of the characters, we want to reduce childhood so that we can live our lives as soon as possible. Some of the worshiped and overwhelmed children will learn early in the day how much fun and evenness it is to be alone at home.Related articles in parenting: