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Toxic shock can be caused by facial inflammation

Toxic shocks in children can be responsible for up to 20 percent of face inflammation, a study found.

THE toxic shock syndrome Symptoms include fever, rashes and low blood pressure, and many people associate this condition with tampon use and menstruation.
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Upper respiratory infection

Although not well known, there are many other risk factors for toxic shock syndrome, such as inflammation of surgical incisions, and postnatal and postnatal infections.
Dr. Kenny H. Chan, the University of Colorado Medical Faculty and the Denver Children's Hospital Research Institute, together with colleagues, processed the medical records of a total of 76 children, with an average age of 10 years, toxic shock syndrome They suffered. They have also been diagnosed with acute or chronic urticaria and facial inflammation at 23. Of the 23 children, there were many who went to intensive care units - four had to undergo circulatory support and six had to undergo surgery. nбtha-arcьreggyulladбs And a toxic shock it occurs relatively often, in this case 21 percent, which is not a small number. "It is very important for doctors, especially pediatric intensive care professionals, to recognize that Nephrosis and facial inflammation can also cause toxic shock syndrome"- the authors are new.

Nth and facial inflammation

"If you encounter toxic shock syndrome diagnosis and no other reason, should be examined face. If the clinical condition permits, a consultant of the head, nose, nose, and face should be called and rinsed. "
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