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Now it's time to take advantage of the tax breaks

Parents who are raising children and young housewives should declare their employment benefits in January, because the effect of the benefits is already apparent in January's income.

According to the Ministry of Finance's announcement, if the parent submits the January letter of declaration, the employer can only consider the statement by February, so the benefit is not paid in January. Of course, the amount of the tax deduction is not lost, but the earliest possible return is the return on personal income tax, which requires an increase in the tax return made by NAV. Last January, 727,000 people were re-registered in January for the benefit, meaning that they were making a timely declaration of taxpayers.Now, get your tax breaks, the family discount HUF 10 thousand per child, HUF 20 thousand per child for families with two children, HUF 33 thousand per child from the third child means saving money. The first housemates are followed by the government following the marriage Pay $ 5 per month for 24 days Supports a significant reduction in persistent illnesses, such as lactose or gluten-sensitive, the personal benefit rate is up to this time $ 25 per month.Family discount and first-home discount can be applied independently, so on a yearly basis, besides the family discount, the first-home discount can reduce the additional homeownership by another $ 60,000. The application is accessible from the NAV website with just a few clicks, you can quickly and easily make your tax advance statement.