8 things women over 35 want to hear about having a baby

Women over 35 who have a child are guaranteed to have a hair on their backs for the following comments.

Some Things You Shouldn't Say If Your 35 Year Old Friend Wants A Kid

1. Stamped to "advanced maternal age"

Among women, every woman who has reached the age of 34 by only one day is "advanced" or worse, "old" in maternal age. But seriously, we are not talking about 85 year old ladies, but 35 plus young ladies.

2. "Are you dealing with artificial fertilization?"

Surely even a direct woman in her thirties can receive such direct inquiries. In particular, if you are already dating twins, they may be nailed to it afterwards, as it is unfortunate that two children are conceived unhappily. However, it may happen, but - unless you are about the best of friends - I prefer to disregard the concept of conception.

3. When referring to how old a mother will be when her child goes to college

Probably the dear mom can count, so she's good to say goodbye, but she doesn't want to be reminded of it all the time.

4. "I wanted to have children when I was young."

"Oh, really? Yeah! That's why I gave birth to my first child at 29 years old." Nem our job, when and how to plan a family. Luckily, everyone has the kind of thing they make the way they want.

5. "Shhh. I've locked the kid up in my life."

Yes, most women really don't expect more than 40 kids, but there is an example. Especially if you are not the first child, but say the second, third. And why not? This is 2017, not 1920.

6. "Pregnancy is much more risky than 35"

It really is, no fairy tale. However, there are also some researches that older women have smarter childrenmoreover, 35 plus baby companies are less likely to develop ovarian cancer. What's more, they are more patient and more conscious in parenting.

7. "Finally. Janet Jackson is 50 years pregnant."

"Really? Do you mean to say that at 37 years old, it's like having a baby at 50 years old?" Of course, more and more are born at the age of 40, but 50+ are quite rare.

8. "And will you have enough energy?"

Maternity clothes should be years old. And being a mother in the 21st century is far more exhausting, as women have to try to get so many places that it is impossible to measure. However, in old age, despite being fatigued, you are much more confident in yourself and in your decisions - and this is definitely a side benefit.Related Articles:
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