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A Chance for Life Childhood Cancer

Almost all childhood cancers develop at least one chronic disease before they become middle-aged, a new American study found.

Hearing disorders, cardiac dysfunction, lung problems, memory problems, new cancers, that is, chronic health problems, are present in up to 95 patients with cancer in the study. In comparison, 38 percent of 35- to 64-year-olds have at least one chronic illness, according to a study published in the American Medical Journal (JAMA), published by LiveScience.

A chance for life

Weak over these symptoms did not cause no problem, however, 80 percent of them suffered from a life-threatening, serious or incapacitating illness. The researchers reported, with respect to the subjects' relatively young age (32 years of average age), breast cancer typically associated with old age, such as gray cat (15 percentage), ) high arany.
These results are known to suggest that cancer treatments can accelerate the aging process. Researchers emphasize the need for continuous screening of children with cancer in order to screen early for signs of major serious illnesses, new cancers, heart problems, and body problems.
individual cancer treatments can increase it the risk of lower health, because in addition to the cancerous cells, they also damage the healthy tissues. Previous research on cancer patients has only questioned patients about their health status and has not been substantiated by medical examinations.
The new 1,713 pediatric cancer tests included blood pressure and blood glucose tests, cardiology and thyroid tests. Those who were at risk because of the treatments they received during their childhood received special screenings, such as breast radiotherapy for women with mammography.
THE abnormalities not all of them were a daily concern, such as radiation therapy-induced leukemia, and the researchers found no memory, but this did not stop anyone from working or doing their daily activities.
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