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Psychological reasons for abstinence

Childhood hospitalization is five to eight years old, which is a relatively common phenomenon, and many people consider it to be nutritional. In the following, let's go through the spiritual causes of this problem.

Causes of dyspnea

There may be non-psychological causes of mental illness, but biological determinants are more common. In this case, it is advisable to seek help and advice from a pediatrician, but if the problem is clearly of psychological origin, a psychologist may seek professional help. In the case of anesthesia, we distinguish between primary and secondary anesthesia. In this case, we can only suspect a psychological cause, but of course there may be other extraordinary action pattern is seen as a return. The pszicholуgiбban a man korбbbi йletkorбra jellemzх йrzelmi, gondolkodбsi йs viselkedйses mintбzatбnak ъjbуli felbukkanбsбt regressziуnak nevezzьk.Ez not only in childhood but also felnхttkorban elхfordulhat, йs azйrt kьlцnцsen useful concept because it segнt megйrteni frequent jelensйget how okbуl tйr back some kцrьlmйnyek kцzt behavior typical of an earlier age. The most common causes of regression are extreme fatigue, increased stress, and trauma, which more commonly develops in childhood endocrine disorder.

Many children pee in deep sleep


After a day of death, not only the parents are thoroughly fatigued, but the seedlings are also very blurred. Keep in mind how small things are in the game, and protest how much the game ends when you have a mute that almost instantly falls into love. In these cases, it may occur, especially when smaller, that they are pissed off during deep sleep, which counteracts increased nerve activity. If you do, however, this is just a one-time opportunity, so you don't have to scare yourself and think about the worst. If you had a lot of new things to do and a way to play for a long time, then if you didn't pee in the past, you probably don't have to keep on splashing again. capacity. With a freshly-cleaned gritty, you may find that the proper control of your muscles is not achieved.


They are primarily referred to as others, and due to many new phenomena, the world is full of scary stimuli for young children. This may be a sudden loud noise, such as thunder, or it may be more abstract than the fear of letting go or leaving. These are all sources of stress for your child, and an unexpected accumulation of them can temporarily cause you to lose your ability to clean the entire room. In these cases, ask him what's wrong with him. Conversing about the awesome thing can resolve the problem, in which case you do not need to talk to the psychologist.


In some cases, not only fatigue and stress can trigger childhood heart disease, but also some mental trauma. They are, unfortunately, almost kivйtel nйlkьl the mбsodlagos бgybavizelйs extended period tцrtйnх fennmaradбsбt valуszнnыsнtik, йs megoldбsuk бltalбban segнtsйgйt igйnyli.A specialist trauma can once ijesztх esemйny as pйldбul lбtvбnya an accident or a sudden szьlхk extended period kуrhбzba tцrtйnх kerьlйse also mбs case, however inkбbb traumatizбciуrуl , that is, we can talk about several minor traumas. This can be caused by a rude parent or violent parent. The child sometimes experiences low levels of stress because they are summed up in their regular choice and are similar in effectiveness. Such situations can be avoided in the vast majority of cases, and this is why we must focus on this. If there is a similarity in the child's life, then you should not seek the help of a specialist, such as a psychologist working in a parenting council.
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