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Parenting Support - GYET 2016

Parenting support (parenting) is non-insured support. The parent or guardian who raises 3 or more small children in his or her household: the youngest child from the age of 3 to the age of 8 can take it.

GYET - at home with the kids

Amount of support for parenting

Regardless of the number of children, the monthly amount of child-raising allowance is the same as the minimum amount of the old-age pension (HUF 28,500 in 2016), but it may not be prolonged.

Work and kindergarten with parenting support

Parents participating in childcare support can work up to 30 hours a week or from home without limit. You can place your child in kindergarten and in the day-care center without any time limit.
It is important to know that parenting support as a time to provide childcare assistance is qualifying as a retirement service (after deducting 10 percent of retirement benefits) but not counting for employment.
Parents participating in childcare support are required to declare:
  • the initial arrest or the commencement of custody,
  • the foreign resident entitled to the allowance, who has been staying for more than three months,
  • change of eligible name, address, payment number,
  • the child is being expelled from the household, and if the child is under the age of 3,
  • if you are entitled to care from your family support parent LXXXIV. tцrvйny 27. §. Part of the regular service referred to in paragraph 1 (a),
  • if you are a Parent Eligible for Parenting Unemployment, unless your activity is less than 30 hours a week, or if you are out of time when working at home, and
  • the existence of an undertaking or employment in the EEA State;

  • The application must be filed within 15 days, because if you fail to do so, you will have to pay back!

    Assessment of parenting support

    The parent support request can be downloaded by clicking on the link. Attachments are attached to the application form.
    The completed form must be filed with the Government Office of the place of residence of the claimant. The benefit comes from the time of filing the claim, and it is very important that you do so for up to two months.
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