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I'm looking for a new one

During childbirth, the minor concern is more for the mother to deal with her outside. After three kids, it's no wonder once you get to bed: you good, who helped me change again ?!


Melinda Vargбné Kiss also turned to the Mummy Relocated Team for similar problems. The mother of three with New Year (after the birth of her third child) decided to start a new life with her baby and get rid of excess weight. Life changing did not go easy, but they were persistent, and Melinda was free of more than a dozen kilos. But to my great happiness, a little gentleman was also involved.
"The problem is, I don't know what to do next," he says. - What clothes should I wear? Can I wear a mini? Should I stay in the good pants? Because of the three children, I have almost only maternity clothes in my wardrobe and I am completely clueless about what's good.
Then here's my hair. A hairdresser had terribly spoiled the color, so I didn't dare to go to a specialist after that. Stay at home with hair dye, and the result speaks for itself…Our first stylists are Melinda, Kata Záray and Berta Benedek taken for treatment. The young mother was a fan of athletic jeans, which not only looks good during the day, but also at home school. In fact, you can also jump into the playground.
The evening program was chosen in a colorful, comfortable rainy outfit, which highlights the color of our casual model's eyes.
Zoltán Hegedыs, the hairdresser at the Allure Salon, corrected the hairdressing downgrade and painted a single, brownish-red toned hair on Melinda. The new color was much younger and more natural than the old.
Horacsek Bgi the makeup artist was engaged in short makeup training. Melinda was open to all things new, she was pleased to see the result.


The main character of the last lift is the camera. Stephen Szilбgyi's photo has an easy job. Melinda is completely relieved and enjoys being pregnant by a team of new moms.