He grew up in the wild but was not raised by animals

The 17-year-old Ray, who appeared in the Berlin police in 2011, must have spent the years before in the forests of Germany with his father, who is said to have died two weeks before he appeared.

He grew up in the wild but was not raised by animals

According to a report from spiegelonline.de, the boy buried his father exactly where he couldn't tell. About her mother's words, she was the victim of an auto accident. He does not know his surname, his father gave birth to Ray, and before his death he advised his son to leave at night, and he did so with the help of the governing body, which is why he came to Berlin.
The boy knows English well, he speaks a little German, and tells him that he is with his father many died in the woodsbut the mystery of how they could remain perfectly unnoticed over long years. Parents knew her father's name was Ryan, and her mother's name was Doreen. Fцldkunyhуkand sбtrakthey lived in the country without any documents proving their identity. Ray was in good physical condition, but the case, in a understandable way, caused a lot of headaches for the authorities.

Mentally ill or Robinson?

Who are they? Mentally ill parents who have somehow fallen out of the health care system? Or did modern-day Indians, who simply lacked social commitment and commitment, wanted to live freely in nature, away from consumer society, and what nature could offer? The police have not ruled out the possibility that the child may have been abducted or disappeared, perhaps because of the two people he considered his parents? Maybe they had an auto accident and the amnesia was so full that they had no idea who they were or how they got there? There was a lot of question marks in the case.

When animals raise a child

If ritkбn also, but it happens that small children leave home and outside trapping animals they grow up. It also happens that an insane, alcoholic mother keeps dogs in the pool or raises her like a bird. An African boy was fleeing into the jungle scared when his father and his mother were killed. He felt more comfortable with the monkeys.
Over the years, when these children return to the realm of civilization, they cannot speak, and generally fail to teach them, because they are not sensitive to the sense of speech in the elderly. However, these children are able to communicate fully with their animals. Except for a few exceptions, people get lost in the world. It seems to be unbearable for children to grow up with animals, bonds, closeness, and communication hardships. As you can see from the reconciliation of Mother Nature, the knowledge gained in child years is truly irresistible.
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