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Symptoms and treatment of three-day-old fever in the baby

Three-day fever is caused by herpes. Usually it causes great fright to the parents when they catch the baby. But is there any reason for concern? And how do you know how to handle it?

What is Three Day Fever?

Three-day fever (exanthema subitum, roseola infantum or sixth disease) infections and infections in children younger than 3 yearscaused by herpes. Most often occur in spring and autumn. The virus spreads via drip infection, stalk and cough, but only until the symptoms appear, not afterwards. If someone has been infected with this disease, he or she is not infected many times.

Symptoms of three-day fever

It is not easy to recognize, although by the age of two almost all children are falling on it, often almost unnoticed. Beginning with a latency of five to fifteen days, it starts with a high (39-41 degrees) fever, it takes three to five days, then suddenly disappears.The small child usually lives, does not feel bad, only complains of fever, but it is also normal to be angry. Baby creep can be painful or, on the contrary, they will become dizzy and unusually thin. With the fever suddenly disappearing, pinkish-red patches appear on the stalk, less frequently on the extremities and on the face, like a curve. The exacerbations are lenticular, not itchy, and disappear in just a few days. Typical symptoms may include gastritis, cough, sore throat, and lymphatic glands. There may also be some loss of diarrhea and diarrhea. Very rare cases of hepatitis or cerebral inflammation and fibrosis.

Diagnosis and treatment of three-day fever

Symptoms are not easy to recognize because they occur before the appearance of rashes Fever and catarrhal symptoms may indicate another diseasemost of the time, however, according to my experience, the above are diagnosed as medically sensitive (as a consequence of the treatment of the throat - usually penicillines - as well as the penicillin).

Three-day fever is usually a disease of infants

Diagnosztizбlбsa history and physical examination: high fever and subsequent outbreaks produce three-day fever. There is no need for any other medicines besides the antipyretic. Because it is of viral origin, the antibiotic is not suitable for cure. The outbursts are self-explanatory, so they do not require special treatment. You can also use a cooler bath (ed. Slowly cool the water, start with body temperature, and never go under 15 degrees) with a cooled bath that is appropriate for your child's age. If you are breast-feeding your baby, do not give up breastfeeding during your illness, but try to breastfeed your baby multiple times if the fever persists for over 39 degrees, -In two days, you should definitely see a doctor!

Prevention of three-day fever

Since you are infected with viruses, its formation is not easy to prevent. Hygiene, thorough washing and healthy, balanced nutrition play an important role.

Useful information on three day fever

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