The 7 most common problems below

From infections in the mountain to end-of-life infections, there are a number of reasons why your baby may not feel well down there. These are the most common problems, well, if you are clear.

"When my 5-year-old child complained about hurting him when he was peeing, I immediately thought he was infecting her, and I called the doctor right away. mommy.The parents don't talk to each other about the problem below because they think it's private, and they don't want the other parent to think that they are not paying attention to the aftershave of their previous child. "Don't be guilty," he says Michelle Ponti London pediatrician. Inadequate hygiene can also cause pain in the lower abdomen, but sometimes even the greatest care can be a problem. These are the most common diseases that can irritate your baby's buttocks or genitals.

1. Cracking

If your child is drooling everywhere, and you also find bloody streaks in the narrow, there is a good chance that there will be small cracks around the end. This can occur if her pet is hardwhich, in the course of the press, violates the end of the circle. Look at your baby's popcorn, you'll catch the little cracks.Henry Ukpeh pediatrics think the best way to treat constipation. You can do this with lots of fluids (primarily water) and fiber. Treat the area with petroleum jelly.

If your baby is crying in a pee or cackling, something is wrong

2. Acne inflammation

Inflammation of the penis head and foreskin is a very common problem in young males. In the case of acne, your baby may complain of pain, itching, discomfort, mild swelling and reddening of the penis. The reason for not washing your head and foreskin very thoroughly is your little boy. "The foreskin must be returnedshould be cleaned thoroughly with mild soap and water. Toddlers aged 5-6 can be taught how to regain their foreskin and cleanse their skin once a week, "he advises. Michael Weinstein, director of the Toronto Children's Hospital.

3. Anointing of lips

Do not be surprised if you notice that your baby's skin is smeared with the eyelids. Between the ages of 3 months and 6, this is a very common problem in girls, rarely a problem. Inflammation of the eyelids can be caused by urine, faeces, but also diaper rash and other irritants. It is only when your baby is unable to pee because of the gentleness.Never try to disassemble it by force sticking lips. If the urge to block the flow of urine, consult a doctor, who will probably apply a cream to your baby. If you want to prevent the problem, use petroleum jelly every day to cleanse your baby's genitals. Avoid scented foam baths, rinses, soaps, and leave your baby's skin bare as often as you can.

4. Wheat flour

These tiny, threadlike worms cause the parents to shiver and the child itch. The cereal it spreads very easily among children, before an infected child scratches you a little - the worm or eggs will eventually transfer to your child eggs from the starch. It can be collected in the sandpit, but it can also be used for common linen or for toy use. What to do? If your child complains of itching, and after going to bed in the evening, use a flashlight to examine the bottom to see if you can get out of it. Stick a wide piece of cellulose around your butt, remove it in the morning when you get up. Take the adhesive tape to the doctor, who will be able to see if there is an earthworm or an acorn. You should take anti-parasitic medication if your baby is infected with a wheat flour, sometimes treating the whole family. Thorough washing, brief brushing, frequent washing of clothes and linen is important for prevention.

5. Cure infections

It is twice as common a problem among girls than it is in a son. There are anatomical reasons for this. Symptoms may include: painful, flushed urination, frequent urinary urgency, dripping urine, flushed or cloudy urine, fever. It is difficult to diagnose in young children because little ones do not complain if fuck them peeing, is that fever is the only symptom. To avoid kidney damage, if you notice any symptoms in your child, seek medical attention immediately. Your child will be given medicine and will need to drink a lot (water and cranberry choices). To prevent further infection, urge you to urinate frequently, do not hold back urine.

6. Inflammation of the vagina

Skin, tingling sensation in the outer part of the vagina - a common problem with girls. In particular, poor hygiene causes inflammation. Babies aged 4-5 years old are characterized by their haste to clean themselves up, because they rush to play. Teach her that always back from front to back poop, so that you do not smear the fetus on the vaginal area.Using a wet towel will make the job easier. Most importantly, you should avoid using irritating foam baths, strong fragrance soaps, and do not leave wet baths after bathing in the summer.

7. Fungal infections

If the diaper does not go cold, then you have a fungal infection. It affects boys and girls alike. You will see red, slightly prominent projections on the bottom of your child, but you may also have scaly skin. Untreated diaper rash will easily become a fungal infection. Those who take antibiotics or have recently struggled with soap are more likely to get fungal infections.What do you do? Simple buttocks don't work, need antifungal preparation. Change your pelvis frequently, do not leave your butt wet as often as you can, remove the pelvis and let your sensitive skin ventilate.The original article can be read here.These will also be useful: