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This will make the grandparent relationship better

One of the secrets of a great grandparent is that the grandparent can step back. But not only that. A failed book was published by a practicing grandmother-psychologist.

Does the Index call the attention of Grandparents on the Bench? c. book that L. Stipkovits Erika clinical psychologist and practicing grandmother. The book seeks out and finds the answer to what a great-grandparent relationship is, who needs to handle conflicts in order to have the best light for everyone, and the child.This will make the grandparent relationship better First of all, there are conflicts in every relationship, so in the grandparent relationship as well, so there is nothing wrong with it. The problem is if we want to avoid conflicts, or if the parties are peer-to-peer, or if the grandparent is not interested in the principles parents want to teach their children and how conflicts can be learned. The author sees the development of the grandparent as an opportunity for development, because "by knowing our selves and our loved ones better, our grandchild can be most conscious and accepting." Erika Stipkovits also takes paternal beliefs related to grandparenthood and destroys mints. Tvvit, for example, is that:
  • grandparents think between themselves and the grandchild is naturally given,
  • the grandparent's job is the comfort,
  • quality time with your grandchild, attention to interest with wasteful gifts,
  • because somebody raised x kids, they automatically think you are a grandparent,
  • then the whole grandparent will go well if the grandparent does not accept that his child is really grown up.
An important problem with the book is the presentation of what might be called the typical situation where a grandparent fools with the principles of parenting and, for example, gives his grandchild something that his parents forbid and give him chocolate. The grandmother says it is worthwhile for the grandparent to define the basic rules that the grandchild would like to adhere to. "And the grandparent's job is to respect respect for trust and each other's needs is paramount"It is also very important that parents make it clear to grandparents and grandchildren that parents and grandparents should or not at all, not something that can authentically, easily, and suggest solutions for a complicated grandparent relationship.
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