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Parents of worshipers will receive 40 thousand a month

Women working with children under the age of 3 years would like to see an increase in support that is expected in the year 2021. However, support will not be available in all of Hungary, nor will it be available for all your wits.

keretцsszeggel almost HUF 10 milliбrd appeared in "Little Child nevelхk munkaerхpiaci visszatйrйsйnek tбmogatбsa" cнmы priority pбlyбzati felhнvбs keretйben the Gazdasбgfejlesztйsi йs Innovбciуs Operatнv Program (GINOP) - tбjйkoztatta Rбkossy Balбzs eurуpai uniуs felelхs forrбsok felhasznбlбsбйrt бllamtitkбr szerdбn MTI. According to him, the primary goal of the program is to improve access to day-care facilities for children, reduce the cost of placement, and help parents with small children Number of child safe places under age 60 reaches 60 thousand by 2020. However, in addition to a significant increase in the capacity of the home, it is also important to facilitate access to services on the labor side, the Secretary of State emphasized. The bцlcsхdei tйrнtйsi dнj - ellбtбsi formбtуl fьggхen vбltozу mйrtйkы - is tцbbletkцltsйget бllбs munkбba esetйn, which jцvedelmi helyzettхl йs the elйrhetх szolgбltatбsoktуl fьggхen befolyбsolhatja the munkбba valу visszatйrйs lehetхsйgйt well - he hozzб.A speciбlis foglalkoztatбsi cйlъ tбmogatбs the csalбdi йs work bцlcsхdei tйrнtйsi dнj megfizetйsйhez jбrul "It is easy for you to pay extra for parenting with young children," said Balázs Rбkossy. He added: The program is intended to encourage employees to enter into agreements, if additional work is required by an employer, it will add more capacity.Support will be up to 40,000 HUF per child per month Family Ward, Work Ward Refunds may include a parent raising a child eligible for wages and returning to workwho live so colonially in less developed regions, where there is no livelihood or vacancy available, and who, in accordance with a request published on the electronic surface of the Beneficiary State Treasury, certify that they comply with the terms and conditions set out in the request by their statements and data.
The value of support is childish up to $ 10,000 per monthand the amount of support may not exceed the parent's personal fee paid by the parent. If the parental pay for a parent is less than 40,000 forints, the support should not be less than 40,000 forints. government from EU sources. It is planned that this problem will be solved by 2022. The sum of 40 thousand HUF has been adjusted to the price of private worships - the parents can get to the place from 40-120 thousand HUF a month.Important notes:
  • Support is not yet available (an application has been published for the time being) and it is foreseeable that you will be able to request contributions in the winter months.
  • It will be available in areas outside the Central Hungarian region.
  • Support is only available until December 31, 2021, and until June 30, 2022.
  • If the monthly fee is less than 40 thousand HUF, the application will receive the same amount as the monthly fee.