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Passionate, Free (X)

The 34-year-old Laura always vibrates in the air. It transmits something to my life that makes everyone happy in the environment. Mother of two school twins, head of customer service at a bank. The men always turn around afterwards.

"If I had to briefly describe myself, I'd say I'm a short-haired type. Why? When I was a high school student, all my classmates did, but I didn't. I came to my baby when she was a year old. I forget how many times I prayed for my menstruation to come in and then after I got to my husband I was worried about it all because I couldn't get pregnant. because I was afraid of getting pregnant, and women were better at everything I was expecting my baby to be born. A six-month trial - which I will not go into now - has finally delivered the fruit. Not one! Because it soon became clear that I was expecting twins. That's the turn!
My life has changed for a blow. Not only because the sweetest boys from Marcin and Andrew were not carried on the ground by the Earth. And not just because I haven't seen such alive, bad bone kids. And because we could write a novel about what it means to go to a bank to work with twins, to deal with clients through 8 urns, and then to start the "second shift" at home. Something else changed.
I was a pregnant mother because of twin pregnancies, so we had to stop having sex with my husband since the fifth month. By the time I was half boys, I didn't even know if I was a boy or a girl, so we had neglected this topic. However, when I didn't have to breastfeed at night, and the kids were willing to sleep at night, I and my baby could sleep again. It was a magical thing to happen to me: I just had a great time living our lives together. I found out, and it turns out there is one: many women enjoy sex much more after childbirth. Yes, but there was a beech: a third baby would have been a third. My baby suggested a new method of contraception, which once inserted into the uterus, guarantees guaranteed safety for up to five years. After application, it may cause some spotting, but it has no other serious side effects. This method means freedom to me. After my nights out with my brother, I feel like I'm capable of anything. What to me about the two kids, work, household - get me the lion too! Five years later, I was not asked to place the following at the same time as the letter. I can't even know about a contraceptive method that is so comfortable and practical: Menstrual bleeding has minimal, maximum safety, and ... impeccable sex! "
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