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The 36-week-old fetus is replaced by about a liter of fluid in the womb. Transparent or slightly opaque and provides a steady set of colors.

In fetal water, approx. 10 weeks old fetus

The amniotic fluid is a clear, mildly fragrant, slightly opalescent, 98 percent waterand two percent of them and fetal cells. Two weeks after conception, it begins to produce, until week 10, it is produced by the mother's body and the fetus, and then the fetus becomes involved. Change by 20 weeks: From then on, the inner layer of the fetus and the umbilical cord will produce amniotic fluid.
It has a number of functions: Vйdi the fetus уvja the rбzkуdбsoktуl, ьtхdйsektхl, бpolja the bхrйt, уvja the kцldцkzsinуrt the цsszenyomуdбstуl, vйdi the fetus nyomбskьlцnbsйgtхl the hхmйrsйklet-vбltozбstуl the kiszбradбstуl, optimбlis kцrnyezetet biztosнt szбmбra the fejlхdйshez, megakadбlyozza the fertхzйsek terjedйsйt, biztosнtja Availability mozgбst.
The amniotic fluid is excreted on the surface of the internal fetal membrane, is continuously produced and, by definition, is completely replaced by the three. This is the first beverage that the fetus tastes, so the small stomach and the kidneys practice first. It also contains white, sugar, sodium, calcium and trace elements. The nutrients in the food consumed by the mother pass into the amniotic fluid. As you progress, your amount is constantly increasing, reaching its peak at week 36: In the last few weeks, the amount of amniotic fluid may be reduced by up to half. In part, this is why the mother keeps her baby moving less and less.
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