A butterfly kid got new skin

The skin of a 7-year-old boy was as fragile as a butterfly's wings due to an epidermolysis disease called bull. Although many of these patients (such as those in the fire) are not worth their adolescence, the son has a chance of a lifetime due to a gene therapy procedure.

Butterfly children's skin can be as fragile as butterfly's wings

In 2015, a boy living in Germany was in a very bad condition in the children's department of the Ruhr Clinic in Bochum, and almost his entire body was alive - read on the BBC. His doctors didn't promise the parents anything. But an Italian team of biologists offered them the possibility of a gene therapy that was in the experimental phase of the bar, bхrbхl, DNA repaired, and then they created a skin surface that was able to re-cover the child's body with 80 percent. The implantation time was 21 months, which is very good. The boy is fine too, there is no blistering. The treatment seems to be effective over the long term as well - a group of stem cells is capable of continuously delivering genetically modified skin cells. The father says his baby's life has completely changed - he can go back to school, play football, and play with the rest of the kid. BBC video of the kid:More articles on dermatology:
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