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Are lice better or owls?

Early risers, for health, are ahead of the night owls, according to a Finnish study.

Night owls can crawl in the evenings

"The results show that the owls of the night have moved out and they are malnourished, more saccharose, fat, and saturated fatty acids are introduced into the body in the Dukes of Delhi than their littermates, " Mirkka Maukonen, head of research.Lona Sandon, a dietitian at the University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center was not surprised by the results. In his opinion, physiology and biology play an important role here. "Korбbbi tanulmбnyok you have already bebizonyнtottбk that йtvбgy йs metabolism kialakнtбsбban hormones jбtszanak role that level jбtszik vбltozik. The alvбs idхzнtйse йs mennyisйge valуszнnыleg in the day with these hormones termelхdйsйben, нgy meghatбrozу can йtvбgy йs the йtel vбlasztбs people kцzti kьlцnbsйgйben ugyanъgy as in body composition and weight. "What would a night owl do? "Changing sleep patterns is very difficult, just like your eating routine. However, in March, it is worth it for people who want to do health, "Sandon explained. the night owls they move less, they are more common in sleep disorders and more likely to smoke. Least-lying ones are also less likely to have a health profile compared to lichens. In the nutrition study, each participant maintained a meal diary of 48 urns, which included daily calorie intake, carbohydrate, sugar, fiber, white, fat, saturated fatty acid, and alcohol. In another study, the amount of sleep and the time of daily awakening were recorded. Half of the participants proved to be lark, while only 12% fell into the group of night owls. 39% were somewhere in between. Daily calorie intake was similar in early and early dormancy, but owls in the night ingested 4% less calories before 10 o'clock, resulting in lower energy intake. " sympathy, therefore dud and night owls they are easier on unhealthy sugary, junk foods"Maukonen said. In other words, less carbohydrates, white and fat were consumed in the sun, with the exception of significantly more sugar being ingested in the morning and evening after 8 o'clock in the morning. The results do not mean that longer nights lead to obsolescence, and research has found only a correlation between certain habits, and cannot prove a causal relationship, and has been published in Obesity.Related Articles:
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