Pick it up!

The two-wheeled man in the first corner: pick it up! Your hands are full, tired or… this is incapable. What are you doing then?


Have you ever tried to get it in your neck? Of course, it also takes at least a hand to grab your foot. But think of what it might be like for her downstairs. He wants to see you, I think to be safe. Wear a backpack instead of a bag or bag so your hands are free.

I gave up

That's what I gave up. We brought back the stroller, a very lightweight sports car. I can hang up the packages and put Blankb in it. Mбr tъlйr a foot on the foot, but it doesn't bother you. It's better for me than to fight bland.


I think the two-word "Pick it up!" its cost is quite legitimate, as the street is as pedestrian as it can be seen from the stroller. It's no wonder they take security back a bit. It is only after a very long walk that you can believe that they are really fatigued, and in the meantime they enter with a little hesitation and then come back for adventure! We decided to start picking up my baby, I did a little step with it, and then I put it down in a kiss. Later, when I asked, I couldn't answer, but I'll give you a kiss. It always reassured me.

What do you do when your child exclaims: Pick up!


Our small motor is bought. A little more than a kilometer from the city, this distance is covered twice a day on foot: my grandfather is on the motorbike and I walk in the stroller (this is the dick). We still count it, so far they were never born in the store because of the engine.


Nblam always has a baby show. This carry-on should be similar to wear, but much smaller. If you have a "chemical supporter", I plug in and a I plant it on my hips. Of course, it is my jacket's fault in mud and lucre. I'd rather go with a washable jacket.

Get the baby

I remember how well Mom could hold our soul in our infancy when we were bathed with my body. He was doing something or saying something. THE "Baby again, baby", or that "Who does not jump at once" very good. But he had to guess what let's go backwards or with eyes closedand he drives. Or that each column or lamp has to jump through shades.

Super stroller

When the little one was born, I simply put the big one in the stroller. That car went our way too… But you can get a little baby carriage hanging on the stroller (testvйrfellйpх - the editor) on which the big can roll. So he certainly doesn't want to go into the details.
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