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Baby's Evolution - The Day of the Fiveth Month

The fifth month of your baby's life is very busy - we'll show you what's happening during this exciting time!

Baby's Evolution - The Day of the Fiveth Month

This is how his movement develops

In the fifth month, the baby is able to turn from side to side and keep the head and chest alone - and many babies try to lift the head while lying on their backs. You can follow different moving things with your eyes, and he tries to get the objects around him. You try to grab the bigger objects with two hands and every small object you pick, grab, and put in your mouth. His throat is getting stronger and stronger you try to hand over items from one hand to the other.

This is how your cognitive skills develop

A five-month-old baby begins to recognize the cause-and-effect relationship: realizing that it is as if he is throwing his diet out of the feed or kicking the chair with some kind of reaction. These reactions can be enjoyed so little by the little ones that they will get to know these things again and again. Material stability also begins to develop in the fifth month: the baby then learns that things he has just not seen disappear from the environment.

Your vision and communication are getting better and better

The baby's eyesight will not be perfect until he or she is over the age of five, but it will develop a lot by the fifth month. For a little over a week, the small distance is growing, and this month you are already recognizing the different colors, shapes and patterns. It prefers basic colors in this case, like yellow, red, blue, and can differentiate between shades. By this time, the baby will recognize the most commonly seen faces and smile at people. Her mimicry evolves, her sensation grows more and more on her baby's face for the next month, and her voice is more and more sophisticated: ggyggy, ggygil, and trying to imitate the words she hears. You respond with a smile if you like something, And different ways to sing: If you are hungry, if you are cool, if you are bored, etc., it signals another type of horrible. Although he does not recognize the individual words yet, he reverses his head by saying the name or simpler words.

Tips for the fifth month

The baby loves music during this time: be it for songs for little kids, pop or jazz, if we play them, In applause, you can applaud, smile, and laugh. A baby of this size values ​​simple, colorful toys. Give your hands a colored bunch of cubes and say their names to help you learn the words. As the baby grabs everything in the vicinity during this period, make your environment extremely safe. Do not leave hot food or drinks on the outside, bars in the vicinity, guides to toss things around. The five-month-old baby loves to take different items in their mouths, therefore, we should also hide dangerous and poisonous things.Forrбsok:, webmd.comRelated links: