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Make your baby's first birthday unforgettable! (X)

In the first few years of your baby's life, he shares with us many joyful moments! Fisher-Price now has a dedicated website to help you get the most out of your baby's first birthday and a unique magic spell like yours.

One-year-olds deserve the best when it comes to playing games, and Fisher-Price creates games that enhance curiosity, develop imagination, keeping in mind the baby's development, so you can focus more on yourself. Let your child enjoy the big day! There are plenty of action games to choose from that can help you create awesome moments. Fisher-Price helps with every step of the way to organize the most perfect first birthday.
Fisher-Price uses two of its well-known brands (Little People and Kacagj and Upgrade!) To help your child develop ideally.

Games directly improve problem-solving and creative thinking, so they provide a good basis for reading and texting. When selecting your baby's first toys, it's worth considering.
The world of Little People is designed for the youngest toddlers, ideal for development as they enhance social skills and teach their roles. Discover a wide selection of toys for toddlers, and choose a favorite for your child or a perfect gift for others.
Fisher-Price Kacagj and Upgrade! Among products, games with the so-called Intelligent Degree function, which follows your child's developmental phases, are already available. The essence of Intelligent Degree Technology is that you can select the most appropriate content to teach based on your child's developmental stage.
Make your baby's first birthday unforgettable!Visit Fisher-Price Happy First Birthday for more product information, free downloads, decorations, and tips to make your baby's first baby unforgettable!