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Looks like your baby doesn't want to baby? It may be too much stimulus

Stimulating the baby's sensory organs can stimulate tiny brain development, but it can also be a hot spot for five senses.

Looks like your baby doesn't want to baby? There may be a lot of stimulus involved (Source: iStock) There are numerous parenting articles and books suggesting how important it is to stimulate the child's various sensory organs to support the development of the baby's brain. Parents are often so enthusiastic that they can help their baby's development by taking this occasional spell. If this happens, it can also cause sensory overload to the baby.

How do we know that the baby's senses are overloaded?

The senses in babies and small children can be overloaded if they are suddenly exposed to a variety of stimuli. For example, a baby who is accustomed to silence and tranquility can be overwhelmed if many people start talking at the same time, want to catch more. In this case, the baby is unable to cope with all the unexpected stimuli and can be nervous. performs movements.

How can we help the baby calm down?

A baby does not rest on its own, so parents need help.Take it out of an extremely stimulating environment: if you are in a too noisy place with your baby, too many people around you, try to take it to a quieter room and minimize the sounds. If you are on a free field with it, take it away from the crowd and spend a little time with it.Wrap it up: baby wraps can make them feel as if they were in their womb, where everything is relaxed and comfortable.Find out: Often the mere presence, proximity, cuddling, warmth of the body of the mother is enough to calm her baby.Let's create a balance: Let's try to separate the time of activity from the time when the baby is at rest, in a more relaxed environment. Do not be overwhelmed by many stimuli at a time, and notice what you like and what you do less. Creating a balance can help you avoid overloading (VIA)Related links: