You also need to play some games

Rather than overpowering your baby and toddler, we're creating more of an opportunity to explore and inspect the world.

You also need to play some gamesWhen you find that your baby is "alone", don't be disturbed! When a baby's needs are met and you feel well, you can feel it for 20-30 minutes, And by the age of 6 weeks you will be actively inquiring the objects around him, the people. If we are able to do so, we can also successfully establish a case for later-style players.

Together and again

Generally, it is a good idea to carry the baby in a carrier and keep an eye on what you are doing (eg in the kitchen, while cooking). And shorter you can include it in all your home activities, and you can play beside you - you can play. If it was just a matter of unloading a boy or rearranging a shelf, we created and left safe conditions, let them act alone. For babies, then - discovering the world - is the opportunity for the toys themselves to get to know the self.

The Beginnings of Real Play

Don't be afraid to give your child a chance to play alone on a carpet for a figure! If you cling to your presence like this, but if you forget about the games, leave it alone for 1 minute. However, always look for securityOf course, just because the little one learns how to live and walk, does not mean that he can play voluntarily. Children under the age of 1 can play spontaneously for 5 to 10 minutes, while small toddlers are able to play for approx. Allow yourself for 15-30 minutes.

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However, this is an indispensable starting point for social games, where you can give them ideas and help with their later activities. It's a good idea to keep that in mind don't have too many games around itbecause you can't get started with too many stimuli and you'll eventually get tired of it all. Again, less is more!

Why is it so important to play games?

Because it encourages the child to become self-confident and independent, develops creativity and language use too. You may be surprised at this, but think how dumb the kids can play and how they talk to themselves. This kind of formative roles will be very important in later development as well!

It is important to play together and together!

It is important that do not have rigid expectations in connection with the holy games for children. It is not the responsibility of the child to be alone and to constantly engage in what we do. Social games and spending time together play a central role in our lives, which should never be an obligation for us, a parent, or a backgammon. One is not without the other, and both are in great need.Related articles on Child Development:
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