Why is the baby hurting?

Most mothers are frightened if their newborn baby begins to hurt several times a day, although there is no cause for concern - this is quite normal, and not uncommon. What to do and what not to do? And what is the reason for frequent hiccups?

Babies often hug

You must have already sensed the overall activity in your tummy. The rhythmic tiny beats repeated every 5-10 seconds indicate that the baby is hurting inside. The process is completely natural, usually indicating that the little one is healthy and well-advanced, and some practitioners consider it to "harden" the diaphragm for outdoor air.

It continues outside

It is very common for babies hugging in the tummy to keep their habits after childbirth, meaning that they start hugging many times more than the average. This phenomenon mainly annoys parents, who think that something may be wrong with their little ones, they must breathe badly. Szerencsйre no errхl szу the csecsemхkori csuklбs hбtterйben the йretlen бll nervous system that causes the diaphragm reagбl increased ingerlйkenysйggel the kьlsх hatбsokra, йs gцrcsцs цsszerбndulбsokba kezd.Mнg felnхtteknek a very unpleasant long tartу csuklбs not jбr the kisbabбk esetйben fбjdalommal fully termйszetes folyamatkйnt What is it? There are many things that can trigger hinges on your baby: eating, exercising, laughing and moaning, and even being cold or overly excited. In the meantime, you have nothing to do with it as long as it doesn't bother itself, but if you start to cry or fall, it's worth terminating. The simplest way to do this is to drink a little tea or milk, as the diaphragm is relaxed and the hinge stops at the swallowing effect. The "strange" habit usually lasts until the age of one, after which the number of hinges begins to decrease noticeably.

No lemons!

Vigyбzz! Over the years, the idea that a few drops of lemon juice will cure the problem of strong and frequent hinges has spread, although this method is not recommended for small babies. Although sour water can really halt hiccups, it is a very strong stimulus for newborns, so it is worth staying with neutral, fresh fluids (water, milk, tea).
  • It hurts a lot
  • If it hurts often
  • Don't give her lemon juice if she's hiccups.