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Baby hiccups - What Causes When to Report Trouble?

Most babies have a lot of hiccups in their first year of life, but luckily they rarely indicate a problem and usually distract parents more than a little baby.

Hinges are a natural phenomenon, the rhythmic contraction of the diaphragm. This squeezes the air upward into the direction of the vocal cords, causing the characteristic sound. Babies have a lot of hiccups in their first year of life (and even in fetal age!), It usually does not indicate a problem, does not cause them pain or discomfort. According to experts A possible cause of hiccups is that the baby swallows too much air while eating, but it can also be caused by being too greedy and eating fast.

When does hinging indicate trouble?

Rarely, however, your baby may hurt a lot because he or she has some health issues (such as reflux disease). However, in these cases, frequent hiccups may have lingering, jerky appearance, and, of course, other symptoms, e.g. the blunt.Hinges interfere with the baby more than the baby

What can we do to prevent hiccups?

Hiccups tend to bother the parent much more than the baby itself, and most of the time it fades away without doing anything. However, a slight method can be tried to avoid hinging. bьfizetйs can help the little one get rid of swallowed air. If your baby is prone to hiccups or tumbles, you can have a "buff break" between feedings. Nutritional dolls We can put a pause on 50-90 ml noodles, while breastfeeding babies are paid for when we choose to breastfeed.
One or two sips of water, or tea, can help prevent hiccups. The gentle caress of the back or the tummy, the rocking, soothes the baby, so the muscles - so the diaphragm - relax.

Not something to do!

Everyone knows one or two home methods to avoid hinges (according to the public), but we should avoid these in the case of babies! Do not drip lemon juice into your mouth, give it sugar or honey, do not hold your nose or hold your tongue! Not only are they confusing and uncomfortable, they are also extremely dangerous! Nor is it realistic that the baby's wrist is really gone.

Can hinges be prevented?

Since hinging is a natural process, there is no sure way to prevent it. However, keeping your baby calm when eating is a big help. Do not wait until you are very hungry as you may be more inclined to eat more quickly. Make sure that your feeding and breastfeeding techniques are also appropriate (via)Also worth reading:
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