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Will cute babies be attracted to grown-ups?

We see most babies as beautiful, of course, the most beautiful of ours. But what will happen after twenty years?

Researchers have begun to examine the truthfulness of "You Must Have Been a Beautiful Baby" (Surely a beautiful baby was not a crazy slinger, and as a result, the assumption does not stop the place. Behavior & Development published in the journal.

In the first survey, 253 college students were asked to take photos of forty babies and 16-18 year olds. The images can be translated on a scale of 1-7. They found that the little ones got more points than the young ones, but it was not true that those who were found to be cute were considered attractive to teenagers as well. Later, in another experiment, 72 people liked other people's photos, but the same result came out. he explained Marissa Harrison pszicholуgus. But sooner it turned out that the baby should be "must" cute, because this is one of the keys to moving forward. Parents are more likely to care for a sweet baby. "To put it simply, cute babies are more likely to grow up and create posterity."

Will a sweet baby be attracted to an adult?

Later, however, the effects of hormones change on the facial equipment. "You can find it in our organization androgen and estrogen arabia determine the forehead and the brachial plexus, the gloss of the skin, and the facial hair, "said Harrison, the research leader.
So the proud parents and grandparents, when they are carrying a wonderful package and planning their future, do not forget that beauty really comes from within.
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