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Why does the baby smell so delicious?

Baby scent is truly irresistible! Most moms have an almost indescribably pleasant scent of newborn babies, and we do not think how much this fragrance plays a role in the formation of the nod.

According to Japanese knowledge, this pleasant, irresistibly attractive fragrance for adults is one of the ways in which newborns are attracted to and awakened by adults. care and healing vбgyбt. Mamiko Ozaki According to Professor and Researchers, these scents could also be used to prevent and treat concussions or neglect.That's why baby smells so deliciousPhoto: iStock Although research on human-centered scent-based information has been in the past, these mechanisms are not always fully understood. The role of fragrances in the formation and connection of mother-child relationships has not been elucidated yet. In addition, the mother's scent was taken from the amniotic fluid. The samples were then analyzed and 37 components were identified. The analysis of the scent samples revealed that the smell of the dolls was much more varied than the scent of the amniotic fluid, and even greater differences were observed when the baby was sampled in the middle of the day (immediately). These results suggest that newborns are more capable of displaying uniqueness based on their smell than older infants. The fragrance samples were artificially blended with the scents of newborn heads and fetal water. 15 minutes later, they had to find out which of the control samples had been previously smelled. They also had to determine how confident they were in their decisions. It was found that the fragrance samples taken from the baby's head were found with much greater certainty than those found in the amniotic fluid. There was a difference between men and women: women were much better able to find the same scents than men. (Via)You may also be interested in:
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