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Linguistic developmental disorders

What do you often think of an enthusiastic, smiling, aspiring schoolgirl who is anxious, tired, tired of graduating from first grade?

Learning difficulties

The cause may be the cause of the individual fatigue, but in this case one must think of a special distress that prevents the toddler's smooth progression to school. Despite careful work in speech therapy, we often find that a clear, pronounced voice is difficult to incorporate into continuous speech.

Hypertensive speech disorder

Often the last year of preschool year for speech disorder is short. Also, persistent symptoms of impaired speech development can make learning difficult. Some of the disabilities in language development, such as speech and understanding disorders, are often only apparent when going to school and when learning difficulties occur.In the first grade, it is very important the first order of existing speech problemsbecause the difficulty of poorly crafted, swapped voices, speech perception, and understanding can prevent a child from learning to read, thus gaining further knowledge.

Dyslexia, dysgraphia, dyscalculia

The reading, writing, and / or numerical problems a deficiency of skills which, on the one hand, is caused by a minimal disruption of the linguistic center, on the other hand, on an extreme basis, without the disability of an intellectual ability. In treatment, the three key words are: acceptance, concatenation and persistent work. It is a very important psychological factor for both the parent and the educator to accept the child with the problem. This often suffers from malnutrition, as it is difficult for parents to know that "the child is in trouble", to teach them to move more slowly, and even more to say that this is an extra task for him / her. to take care of your children, and every effort has been made to choose a life path that fits your abilities. There are also beautiful educators who sympathize with their dyslexia through affectionate acceptance. Unfortunately, I also had the opportunity to carry the baby from one specialist to the next, wandering from one specialist to the next, wandering away from themselves. There are good diagnostic tools, and this is followed by the development of a versatile, high-stamina educator, speech therapist, working with parents you can only make your child fit for progress with others.

Who can parents contact?

In addition to the Area Education Advisory Board, in addition to speech therapy, the Speech Examiner may, in some cases, visit the National Expert Committee. The expert opinion obtained here also defines the modalities of therapy and the opportunities afforded by the law.
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