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Gymnastics for baby dolls

Baby massage helps with stomach cancer. Exercises have a relaxed, tension-relieving effect as well as improve your mood and coordination skills.

Exercise with gentle movements

We can exercise our baby from the age of six weeks, but only if his or her hips, feet and body are healthy. Move it slowly, gently, never force it, stretch it. We try to do it at a time when it is relaxed, its tummy is empty, and you seem to want to move and work with us. We can sing, chat, and make eye contact.

Crossing arms and legs

Grab the baby's wrist, spread his arms, and then keresztezzьk in front of the chest. Make it multiple times, with one arm over and the other over. Let's gently cover and shake the ends. Let's open our legs and cross it the same way. Then бtlуsan Touch the arms with the feet. Right arm with left foot, left arm with right foot. We take the arms from the wrist and the feet from the ankle. It can be done gradually, first only to collapse, then the foot to the armpit, then to the shoulder. All this, of course, subtly, as the baby allows.

Labbak Tower

Grab the baby's two feet, open it and bend it so that the soles assemble, we can applaud us. Cross the baby's feet in the turkey, both in control. Biciklizzьnk with the legs back and forth.Fold the baby's legs in a folded position, hold for 5-6 seconds on the abdomen, then squeeze and shake. Then he did the same with his legs. Press the bent legs gently over the tummy, then kцrцzzьnk we have an inside out. This can help if the hips or legs are tight. If it is too loose, do it from the outside. Healthy babies can all be in control. Grab the legs slowly to lift the doll so that only the shoulder blades are down and then gently lower it. Grasp your wrist, Let's put it upand put it back. Lay it on your belly, lift your legs gently up to your hips and let go. Lay your shoulders underneath the shoulders, lift it up like a small cobra, and then gently lower it. From the age of five to six months, carry the forearm. Let's break it down a bit, lazнtsuk After the exercises, always take the little one in our arms, welcome, praise, and congratulate!
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