Nice baby, baby in the chat

During the chat in the baby room, we occasionally see experts on the topic, advice, and chat rooms to ask them questions. Recently, Krisztina Kassai, Nestlé's expert, answered questions about baby nutrition.

If milk is low

From conversations and inquiries, it turns out that pregnant moms in chat chat agree that the baby is in the first few months of her life, and as much as possible until the end of her baby's life. A mother whose milk is beginning to dry earlier because of something, usually does her best to extend this period: she drinks milk-based herbs, and is recommended by doctors and nurses. If breast milk is not enough, you should apply for replenishment. Whatever the first formula is, this baby, the course of development, the best known pediatrician and nurse's suggestions. This time again, the expert warned: There are a number of carefully crafted diets that are designed to best match the needs of the baby, but do not give cows milk in the advanced stages of infant formula. One of the questions was about a mother of a three-year-old boy reporting that his son was allergic to whites, and suspected that this condition, "half" or "two thirds" cow's milk. Krisztina Kassai has not ruled out this possibility, as she said that early research on cow's milk may be the cause of many changes. Another suggestion was that goat milk is still subject to a stricter ban: even if the child has no digestive problems, it is only worth giving at the end of high school. Naturally, the "milk ban" does not apply to infant formulas, "baby milk" or milk whips, even if they are made from cows' milk, because the formula in the baby's milk contains a modified formula. When adding, it is also worth noting that the selection of dietary supplements (such as Beba 2 Bifidus, NAN 2 Bifidus), which may be a condition for stomach ailments, is already being expanded.


Sometimes even the most well-balanced, well-cared-for, breast-fed babies are concerned. There is also the question in chat rooms whether you are thirsty, do you need to have tea while breastfeeding, and if so, what kind of tea is worth using? Newborn classes sometimes give boiled water with sugars - more so at home. Licensed "baby cups" specifically designed for infants can come in a variety of granules, such as Milupa and the Hipp, or traditional straw tea with a little sugar. For stomach babies, you can also suggest some tea - he said on a nutrition advice - but usually herbs, specialties such as herbs and herbs are a must. greenery can only be given very carefully, traditional is better.

Safe baby food

One of the clients you want to overcome is your mother's checks on baby benefits: Help the expert ask you for help. She loves them, thinks they are varied, delicious and practical, it can save them time, but her grandmother is hard to convince her not to use baby food too lazily. According to Krisztina Kassai, a surefire composition can come with these benefits, not to mention that what is in the glass is tested, often checked, guaranteed quality, while the market raw material can pose a danger to the beans. Unfortunately, the fruit bought on the market or on the green, unfortunately, the fruit may be nitrated or may contain chemicals, spray residues - is carefully checked by the manufacturer.

What, when, how?

When do you get eggs for your little one, your head, or your egg? - A pregnant mother inquired. - According to the domestic proposal, egg whites are only given at the age of one year, but the yellow one can be obtained soon after, at around eight months of age - the answer sounded. He also asked for advice on what to do with two-year-olds who are "lazy" to talk, often spit on, and do not properly flesh, even though they have nearly all their teeth.
Krisztina Kassai: It is a common problem if the denture is slightly jagged. In such a case, the use of minced meat is the solution: if you are equally keen on smoking, this particular food is not a problem.
Will it not be iron deficient if the half-fulled baby just got first potato steaks and doesn't eat meat yet? asked a worried mother. "It's not age that counts, but graduality, if you get iron in breast milk or formula, you won't be iron-deficient," the expert assured.
-My little one-year-old gets up every night to eat three times. He eats steaks and fruits three times a day in the sun. Before bathing you get steaks and turmeric and you bathe after bathing. What can I do to sleep more? - The request came. "This" menü "seems to be so much, there is no need at all for night feeding, so it is not because of hunger, it just requires occupation," said Krisztina Kassai. - There is no need to feed at night, if it is still soggy, it will soon settle.
And when asked if breastfeeding is abundant, if breastfeeding is too small, and if it is breast-feeding until the age of two, Krisztina Kassai said that after one year, breast milk is more it must be given, but it must also be included in your schedule. Year after year, the child should gradually become "omnivorous", at this age breast milk is no longer needed.