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The baby room baby finder contains the information given by the leaders of the baby room departments about the institution. What happens when services turn out to be completely different in the currency?

Here is an example of the latest example, a snippet of reader feedback from one of our regional births, here in our baby room report:
I don't know how to download them, but it left so many imprints on me. For those working in the birthing industry, my birth was one of many, but for me it was the first and perhaps the only one. I find it awful about the much-mentioned conveyor belt effect, but it really does. The birth of a child, the birth of a fellow, from the minute she becomes a mother, an indelible, unrepeatable sensation. They ruin it, make it bad, and they make it bad with their manners. Not everyone is like that, but whoever is not has the strength and time to be kind, attentive, helpful. Lace canopy, a modern modern environment, is of little use. Kьlsхsйg. It would be more worth the tact, the leveling, etc. Perhaps I wouldn't tell everyone in my neighborhood that the XXth House is a colony. The doctor's honeymoon-style is born for the sake of being fresh, and quite different in the currency.
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Hundreds of reading letters tell you how many surprises a person can have at birth. A baby room is hung, while the baby is separated, the father is proclaimed, the father cannot go in, or only sleeps in the end. Would the parent family be so well served?
According to the patient's lawyer, birth cases are different from the average. Even in internal medicine or surgery, the healed patient is more likely to fight if his rights are compromised, and the new mother will accept the behavior of the offending person more easily, unless very much happens. He does not complain, he does not litigate, because there is the gorgeous baby, the new family, in this situation he does not even want to discuss with the patient's representative, litigate, but rather try to forget everything. Even if you mention to your friends and relatives that you have a bad memory of having a parent or a few days in the hospital, the silence says, "Be careful about it, don't kid, we're all sorry." However, it is often very difficult to write and forget. There are those who carry for many years the physical and mental ailments that could have been avoided if they had killed him and his baby.
The other difficulty is that the offense is often elusive. How can you prove that you initially talked to your doctor that any position your mother can give birth to will eventually be put on the baby "just for an exam," and it is "not worth it to go down" Who proves that a diet in the hospital, a baby's delivery, or even a careless comment ("how do you want to breastfeed?") Start the mother and baby just after letting you sleep? How can we prove that this baby has developed a health disorder due to the lack of breast milk, and is this the responsibility of the hospital? Again, the patient's representative investigates the complaint and discusses it with the healing staff. If you don't, you will make them aware that something is wrong here.
Who sees it?
It is not uncommon for a doctor to have the right to cover the general part of the law. Although it is the mother's responsibility and the right of contact (paragraph 11 of Law E) to ensure that the minor is placed in the room with the mother, this is not valid if the physician is in danger. In other words, it is not a malpractice, for example, to take a baby to another floor, another building or another hospital, away from his mother, because of his weight. This happens very often. We could say that the health of the baby is first and foremost. But how is it possible to separate a baby in one of the hospitals even with a small amount of yellow, and almost never in the other? In one hospital, is breastfeeding restricted for the sake of healing, and in the other, is breastfeeding a medicine? There is no solution here either. If this is an important consideration for a baby, it is worth asking in advance whether or not to care for the baby in the institution in question. Many times we feel something wrong with the rules of the hospital. House Rules may regulate your feeding order and may order that babies cannot be transported by the mother, only in a stroller. Choosing a hospital also entails adopting a house policy, there is nothing to do about it. It is best to read this document in advance.
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Bodnбr Бgnes According to the Patients 'Rights Representative, Patients' Rights, Compensation and Children's Rights Foundation, the main concern on both sides is the attitude and communication. Doctors should realize that the "patient" is a person, taking into account his or her condition, behavior, and sensations. And patients should know their rights, learn how to ask, and be asked until they get the right answer (s). "Of course, you shouldn't overdo it," he says, "since not all doctors are heartless, only these cases are reported." Unfortunately, there has been a bite in the literature, although the patient should also be informed in a number of ways. It is possible to ask, to interpret. At birth, a pregnant mother is particularly helpful, as between two fairies she may not be able to write a legal text with strange words. But it's not just a problem there. Recently, an elderly elderly patient complained that the information had been pressed into his hand to be signed and left alone. He didn't see me. He asked another patient where to sign. Unfortunately he did. So I couldn't help him. Could I also say we don't let ourselves go, but who wants to fight under the guise? It is best to ask at the time of choosing the hospital, and to request the printed forms in advance. You don't have to sign in advance, but you can read it, talk to our couple, ask what we don't understand. It would be a great help for health workers to work under past conditions. Occasionally, the overburden of births makes it impossible to have a single, meaningful, patient suffering. It would be good if doctors, nurses, or nurses could attend advanced training courses, which would be a recognized part of a well-trained communication training. Unfortunately, this area is not emphasized at home, although it would be worthwhile.
Fundamental patient rights as defined in WHO document 1981
Collection page on patient rights, with advice