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Nursery Carrying BagsRussian Gathering by Article

The article has established a community group on the net. During the light weeks, the members of the ever-expanding group have given so many carry-ons that all the babies in the country will get one, and even the orphanages and children's hospitals will not miss out!

He exercises in Zalaegerszeg
the scarf tie is a work at the mother's home

Let's go out in the world and get into some miracles. In March, we visited the midwifery in Szekszárd to introduce our readers to the work being done there. The csecsemхosztбlyon the szoptatбsrуl the testkцzelsйg fontossбgбrуl beszйlgettьnk when Osztermajernй Fodor Ilona vezetх бpolуnх as if it were completely termйszetes, megemlнtette that цrцkbefogadбsra vбrу babбkat regularly hordjбk hordozуkendхben the dolgozуk that babies do not nйlkьlцzzйk the gondoskodбst, the heat, the long testkцzelsйget. Here's a separate article I read after reading a blog on Facebook:
- Super Initiative! (Orsi)
- Carry-on for all babies! There are 77 babysitters… you have a lot of carryovers… (Judith)
- I know a couple of people who could pull together some! (Orsi)
- Then go! A Facebook page could start! (Judith)
- I'm in it. (Mariann)
And in just a few minutes, the Carry-on for Babies was formed! group. Another article was born in the Baby Room, a commercial killer henchman was filming short material in Szekszard, more and more "skimmed" the page. Ten days had passed, and about eighty cloths had been gathered together.
But not only the cloths, but also the entries, and of course the enthusiasm.I just would have got my baby!
Fighting with my advantages, I can only tell you how great things the Seksardians are doing. I'm concerned about this topic, I have also published my baby and I've always - but I think it will never go away, even though it's three years old - I think about the two weeks you left, spent or left alone in the church in the tiny soul. Of course, there is a lot of talk that babies they leave behind are treated with special care. Congratulations and all thanks to the Szekszard House! - Tells a Baby Room reader.
They'd like to carry it
Hi! We went to Zalaegerszeg on the weekend, where a friend of mine is working at a mother's home. We told him the initiator, and to offer him a cloth, I show him the knitting. Completely affected !!! He said that the money is only for the upkeep of the livelihood, even though the clothes are donated. They currently have a twin couple on the infant stage, but this is an excellent time, typically six to eight babies. He also added that there are very enthusiastic colleagues who like to carry around.
Next week, our cloths will arrive, and we'll check in with your home!
EsterYou need it!
Very good idea, congratulations to the mom who remembered it and did everything she could to make it real. My smaller daughter had been in the hospital for 3-4 weeks due to all kinds of administrative misfortune. By the time we got him out, he'd been so overwhelmed that he'd been treated to two and a half years before he'd done well. I didn't have a carry-on, we were kangarooing, but if you give me my number, you're willing to help out a bit financially.

Portable moms gave me the shawl in Kaposvár

Hi Kaposvár!
There is also a scientific study that such a close proximity to the parents reassures the children that the baby develops strong immune systems. In addition, they will be more mentally stable.
Los Angeles
Touch, bodily contact therapy is effective for the newborn, but it is also essential for optimal development. We place great emphasis on it in Los Angeles hospitals. Immediately after birth, the baby is placed on mom's chest. Premature babies are placed several times a day on the parents' chest, out of the incubator. When the mother is resting and the baby needs to be welcomed, the babies will automatically lift the baby without hesitation as they continue working!
If the baby is waiting for adoption, then the competent organs will give a personal breast to the baby who will carry, nurture and massage the baby. There is still something to import in Hungary. You have launched a huge thing!
I'm completely overwhelmed.
Newborn free?
I really like the initiative. I just had a question, I hope you can answer: Is it premature to carry a newborn? Previously, I had always heard that I would only recommend three months old. Maybe this is another question, and at least they get the answer, not just me. :)
BarbaraIf you knit the shawl well, carrying it from Newborns will be a benefit to the baby. Sхt! In recent years, it has been found that kangaroo care for very small premature babies is much more effective than keeping it in the incubator. You can find out more about it here.

They also wore kennels in tinsel houses

Open gates!
It is so superb that I have started completely! I spoke to your András Kourrhaza midwifery about the scarves and the open arms looking for scarves and information. I found open gates at the Child Welfare Center, so I can teach kennels to parents and adoptive parents alike. The Open Adoption Foundation also welcomes information! No resistance! Are you sure I'm in Nyiregyhaza ???
We have become international!
Three shawls have arrived from America !!! Great and big congratulations, girls, to all of them!
Mosonmagyaróvár is ours!
Mosonmagyarуvбri hнrek kцvetkeznek the gyхri babahordozу club йlйn Melindбval the fхigazgatу tovбbbнtotta the бpolбsi igazgatуhoz who is in tбmogatja хket йs ezбltal our akciуnkat also meghнvta хket to give the elх szьlйsfelkйszнtх tanfolyamukon the kуrhбzban, which is organizing the children йs the ъjszьlцttosztбly . Two classes were chilled at once!

You can already get in the Debrecen clinic!

We won Debrecen!
The Debrecen Clinic neonatologynbjn welcomed us. We carried a donated Nandu cloth and a Close carry. I could teach three babies to knitting. I'd like to try it out in the evening. :-)
Before Mother's Day
Until the end of April, we bought cloths in the institutions of Eger, Mosonmagyaróvár, Zalaegerszeg, Pecs, Debrecen, Nyíregyegyháza, Kaposvár. Soon Kiskunhalas, Győr, Szombathely, Szekesfehervar, Baja, Cegled, Kistarcsa, Siofok, the Ferenc Jahn House, Mt. Szalka and many others. Triple Hipphipphur here for everyone and thanks!
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