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These muscles should be strengthened before pregnancy

Often, we tend to forget about pelvic floor muscles, as training gives less "regular" results, but it is worthwhile to strengthen them before pregnancy - now you can find out why!

Of course, everyone has heard about the importance of the intimate gym and the pelvic floor muscles, but there is still a lot of annual and half-information about the subject, many of whom are improperly exercised or unsure. in turn a third of women have some problem with pelvic floor muscles (eg incontinence, drip of urine or pelvic pain). The pelvic floor muscles are under stress and under heavy pressure during childbirth! Ideally, you may want to strengthen these muscles before you start a family.It is important to strengthen the muscles of the pelvic floor Why are pelvic floor muscles so important?There are 14 muscles at the base of the pelvis, the main function of which is the function of the pelvic muscles, which is to ensure urinary and urinary incontinence. They also support our organs and contribute to sexual enjoyment. The biggest problem with them is that we do not "see" them, nor are we aware of the functioning of them, until all problems occur. It is very common, for example, that they follow the birth the muscles become weak and loosewhich can lead to unintentional drip of urine and also reduce sexual intercourse.This is how you can strengthen your pelvic floor muscles!The ъn. Kegel exercises or intimate gymnastics can actually strengthen these muscles, but it's important to know that they are also linked to other muscles, including diaphragm, abdominal muscles, . We can't strengthen one without the other! One of the most important steps the proper breathing technique elsajбtнtбsa. When we lose our breath, the chest and ribs are elevated and the diaphragm goes down. The pelvic floor muscles also "stimulate" the movement of the diaphragm: when exhaled, the pelvic floor is elevated, the abdomen becomes thinner, and the diaphragm moves upward. During normal breathing, the pelvic floor muscles open and then shorten. By learning more effective breathing techniques, you will also be able to use and strengthen your pelvic floor muscles more consciously. It is best to combine these exercises with the Kegel exercises. We lie on our backs to support our heads and our feet with a cushion. Let's focus on breathing! Put one hand on the upper part of the chest and the other under the ribs to feel the movement of the diaphragm better. Breathe in slowly through your nose, then tighten your abdominal muscles and slowly exhale your breath. Also notice how the pelvic floor muscles move! Can we also observe exactly what we need: to make these muscles more flexible or should we just focus on strengthening? And this awareness can help strengthen muscles by choosing the right exercises (via)You may also be interested in:
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