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Breastfeeding for baby

At baby time, we pay more attention to what we care about. As a significant proportion of the drugs are contraindicated during this period, we prefer to turn to natural remedies.

A pleasant bath will relieve many of your complaints

The drug consumption per capita in Hungary is extremely high, and even in the case of mild to moderate cough, we are reluctant to run to the pharmacy. However, due to our immune system, the majority of weekly infections are self-curing. Excitingly, the situation is slightly different. Because the maternal body is temporarily home to a different genetically engineered individual, the fetus, the defensive system has to leave a little underneath so that the "foreign body" does not escape. So temporarily for hormonal reasons the maternal ability of the pregnant woman is decreasing, therefore, it is easier to catch diseases and it is harder for them to heal. For example, obesity, events, flu, flu infection - to mention just the most common.As the first symptoms,Let's drink a lot more liquid than usualbut coffee, black tea, milk and, of course, alcohol.We eat only healthy, fresh, light foods. Animal fats, sugars, preservatives and countless additives (artificial flavoring and coloring, flavors) are avoided because they are an unnecessary burden.Fecundry, spend time relaxing, reading or sleeping. That way, our organization can focus its energy on protection. Breathe often, the room temperature should be no more than 20 degrees Celsius, and we should dress warmer, cover more layers.Everyone always thinks about unpleasant events. Some bad quarrels, overwork at work, fear of dismissal, and partnership problems can be so distressing that they make the situation hopeless. In this case, the internal drive, the vital energy, is lacking. Depression is the most complete nutrient medium for any disease. Aware of this let us take the mood, and let us look for useful solutions, relaxations, and more attractive tasks while relaxing.

What is Illness?

The request may seem daunting, especially if we tend to relieve our sorrow by taking a tablet. Anesthetic for insomnia, laxative for constipation, analgesic for headache. The drug seems to be a quick and safe solution, although all of the drugs listed simply eliminate the symptoms. Holistic medicine seeks to identify, by mapping all possible aspects, the relationships that are necessary to understand a disease or bodily complaint. Of course, this does not mean that we will not lose medicine under any circumstances. That would be just as big a mistake as the opposite. However, we can do that we will try to answer the following questions:
- What's the symptom I'm experiencing?
- What would you do best if you were free to choose?
"What's improving, what's getting worse? Perhaps it won't be as surprising if the honest response to the inquiries reveals that the discomfort has exactly what we would normally like to do." Just think of the sick child of the past, who was afraid of not having to go to kindergarten or school because she could stay at home with her mother, play, read, cherish, care, love, concern and attention.

You have symptoms and cures

After understanding the nature of the disease and following the basic steps suggested above, we will naturally focus on alleviating the symptoms.In case of failure it should be borne in mind that at the time of pregnancy all mucous membranes are swollen, therefore we can expect higher rates of events, such as inflammation of the face, diarrhea, and otitis media. If the nasal passages are thick, it is difficult to bake, and on the two sides of the nose, severe pain, throbbing, inhalation of essential oil can be dipped in a cup of boiling water or a cup of hot water. Let's put it on the table, cover our heads, and breathe in the steams. Let's stay in the warm tent for ten minutes, then lie down on our face covered with a towel. In case of nasal congestion, the cold cold couple may be better off. Which of the two healing methods we choose depends primarily on which falls better. It is important not to use a homeopathic remedy at the same time as essential oils.For the first signs of reflux, two tablets of Oscillococcinum may be ingested in twelve larynx, or in the first period of the disease, 9 nodules of Aconite. Depending on the symptoms, different types of obsessive-compulsive disorder can produce several types of homeopathic remedies. We seek advice from a homeopathic medical practitioner. If the infection is spread to the ear, buy a candle in a pharmacy or organic store and use it according to the instructions. fungal infections its frequency also increases due to changes in physiological health. As these infections may cause inflammation of the kidneys and premature birth, they should seek immediate medical attention. With the help of a urine test, the doctor will be able to pinpoint the disease and the doctor will prescribe an antibiotic that can be taken by pregnant women. In addition to proper treatment, of course, home remedies can also be used. Drink more liquid, water or herbal tea is best. Let's avoid sugar intake, we should drink more acidic chemistry to make our urine acidic. This is because it does not favor the growth of bacteria. When urinating, strive to cleanse the bladder more thoroughly.Remove your waist evenly, or maybe warm your head several times. However, make sure that the temperature of the water is not warmer than 40 degrees Celsius! This should be taken into account when preparing all baths, as excessive heat can cause a chill to break out. Of course, healing is considerably simpler. megelхzйs. As the source of infection is mostly a bacterium of our own, we should clean it for the purity of our intimate body parts. After rinsing, we should clean the backside from the front and, if possible, wash the area around the screen with clean water. We pee before and after socializing. Avoid tight, multi-layered garments, especially intimate inserts.In the case of a hot button you should not bypass your medication, but it is usually enough to use a prescription over-the-counter pill, and it is rarely so serious that you should take the medication orally. But there is a lot we can do to prevent the onset and return of infections! We avoid sugar and fine sweets, events, and sweets from our diet. So, we can "highlight" the buttons. Tцrekedjьnk the egйszsйges hьvely-baktйriumflуra fenntartбsбra, ezйrt Do not Wear levegхzйst akadбlyozу, close, mыszбlas ruhanemыt, intimbetйtet, tцbb rйteget egymбson (harisnyanadrбg, nadrбg, panties), йs Do not apply hьvelyцblнtйst.Amikor possible mellхzzьk the alsуnemы, pizsamanadrбg viselйsйt. Fungal infections are particularly common after antibiotic treatment, in cases of anemia, or when the body's ability to act is poor for some reason. Because the fetus can become infected during childbirth, preventative and healing measures should be taken very seriously!Vaginal discharge, unpleasant itching let us have a teaspoonful of yogurt yogurt before going to bed. This can restore natural conditions. If you have a persistent, stubborn fungal infection for a long time, garlic can help. Fry the cleaned clove through a strong carafe, then push it into the sleeve twelve. Let's repeat the procedure once for twelve times. If the sensitive vaginal wall would cause a burning sensation in the garlic, place it in a cut-out sewing glove finger, tie the tip, and place it like a tampon. We will remove it by the kyriad carnage. Even in this case, the treatment is twice twelve ounces.A lбz can be a symptom of many diseases, so it is first and foremost to be clear what is causing it. At the time of pregnancy, the majority of women are already higher, 37.3-37.5 degrees Celsius. However, at temperatures above 38 degrees Celsius it is advisable to resort to a flame retardant procedure. A good, gentle bath or a full-body water bath can be a good solution. lбbikragцrcs can cause unpleasant minutes in the last few months of your stroke. When the strain is on the muscles, let's pop it up, lean on our arms against the wall, step on our back with our sprained feet, stretch it out so that it stays on the ground. Let's bend our other feet. If we are unable to stand up, sit on the edge of the bed and drag the back of the foot with the help of a long, padded foot. Let's finally move our feet to stimulate blood circulation. morning sickness to prevent the introduction of several small meals a day. Always carry some light snacks with you, such as biscuits and glucose tablets. Take home a glass of cold yogurt. Low blood sugar, low blood pressure, hormonal changes, contradictory sensations in pregnancy or excessively high levels of vitamin B6 and iron in your diet 30C can be of help to us. Take four balls three times a day for five days. Certain yoga exercises or Thai-chi can help.

Lazy, fragrant bath

In the case of foot cramps, back and waistlines, or when yeasts become uncomfortable, take a scented, pleasantly warm bath. In a small glass jar, add three drops of the following essential oils to milk or oil, at most two at a time: lavender, sandalwood, geranium, rose, jasmine, ylang-ylang, bergamot, orange, rose. Shake it thoroughly and then pour it into the bath water.

To be avoided

Let's abstain from laxative tea!

Some herbs have a laxative effect anthraquinone glycosides which also affect smooth muscles, so that the beef muscles are contracted. This can lead to premature or miscarriage. This is the case with the extremely popular Aloe Vera, a raw material for laxative tea blends. The clean algae obtained from the leaves of the plant, which does not contain other parts of the plant, can continue to be used both internally and internally. Further, the canine cone, and its relative, the parsley used for laxative purposes. Befolyбsolhatja the mйhizomzatot the kбlmosgyцkйr йs the fehйr ьrцm, which йtvбgyjavнtуkйnt йs vйrtisztнtуkйnt under alkalmaznak.Hasonlу okokbуl kerьlendх terhessйg licorice ingredient, the йdesgyцkйr, the staff bйlfйregыzйsre varбdicskуrу the bйlhurutot gyуgyнtу linseed, the vйrnyomбscsцkkentх fagyцngylevйl the epehajtу pennyroyal, the zцldsйgnцvйnykйnt also consumed rhubarb, malignant growth inhibiting rosemary, cherry blossom containing active ingredients that stimulate heart function, and thyme.

Green herbs with marshmallows!

They are not applicable internally at the time of employment plants containing bitterness, alkaloids and essential oils because these substances can also affect the functioning of the fetal organism. These include barberry, hawthorn, borage, horsetail, lavender, marjoram, chickpea, oregano, rosemary and yarrow. These are small amounts of them that can be used for the preparation of food, but they are not used as a hot tea. Anyone who has previously taken over the diet should reduce the dose during pregnancy, since most herbal remedies have an effect on the stomach.


Lavender and rosemary essential oil, when perfumed in aroma, can continue to apply and soothing effect. However, the essential oils of cinnamon and thuja should not be used internally or externally.


Opinions are divided as to whether the popular immune-boosting medicinal plant, Echinacea, can be used at the time of pregnancy. It is conceivable that extracts and tinctures should be avoided, but it is not harmful in the form of tea.

Anti-insomnia agent

The Valeriana cattail used to control insomnia is not applicable during this period because it is easy to get used to and can cause excessive consumption. Instead, use the similarly soothing effective lemon balm (Melissa) milk. It uses lemon water to smell the more unpleasant aromatic herbs.In the nature's pharmacy you can find monthly blood and regular herbal remedies. These are among the many mentioned potent herbal drugs. Apart from them, refrain from the seed of the olive oil and the garden rut, as well as the seeds of celery and parsley. The last few weeks of starvation are extremely distressing. While reading this article, you may have the idea that soft-boiled herbs have been used recently to give birth to a baby. Do not do this, however, because the application of evenly variable doses of herbal medicines in an uncontrolled way can have unforeseeable consequences, such as severe bleeding!

It's a jovial game

Beside the to-be-worms, there are quite a few that are especially effective for pregnant women.The breakfast was relieved After waking up, consume a cup of chamomile tea with a little finely ground powder. Chamomile is a good source of calcium, has an anti-inflammatory and soothing effect, further relieving stomach ache. Lemon juice, which has a mild soothing effect, can also be recommended against morning sickness. increased need for vitamins and minerals besides the diets it can be covered with blackberry leaves and fraud, as well as cooked from the leaves and roots of the childrens tree. Extreme source of vitamins and minerals is the germinated kernel of alfalfa and garden cress, which is a delicious, slightly drizzly food on buttered bread. The first sign of pregnancy spotting bleeding can be prevented by a guinea pig bangit, which is also effective against footbites. Hawthorn leaf improves blood circulation and reduces high blood pressure.A lбbvizenyхssйg (edema) and the stinging limb can be reduced with milk.
- To prevent congestion and bloating, use tea made from the seeds of the blackcurrant or the peppermint blossom flower.
- You can relieve aches and pains in your stomach. The recommended herbal remedies are to be consumed only in moles. Do not drink by force, but only when it is fun. If one does not know, we can replace it or look for another natural way to alleviate the troubles.

My good housekeepers

Nhaha also excited my head was tired. In this case, I rubbed my fish and nuts with the menthol balm available in Chinese stores (the same is also a liquid form). With this cool coolness, I wrapped my skin in my blanket and snoozed in an upright position. Just remember to wash your hands after the cream, because it is very dripping in the face! felfбzбs the first signs of myself, I quickly dipped into a hot tub of water. Gradually I let go of the warmth, and immediately after bath I put on warm clothes, and in the meantime I wrapped a bar on my stomach. Many times I propped my waist up on the warm kid. if I got a cold. The bathroom is almost heated to the warmth of the sauna. I was completely immersed in the warm water, feeling the warmth of my face moving through my face. Dressed warmly from the bathroom, I came out with my head wrapped in warm salt and fell under the blanket.They may also be interested in:
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