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My dear second child: I'm getting to know you! A letter from a mother to her second baby

The author of tells her newborn child in a letter that she got to know her better and better in her first year.

My dear second child: I'm finally getting to know you! (Photo: iStock)Dumb newborn child,slowly you're a year old and i'm getting to know you better - it took me some time to get it right. When I arrived, I was really scared: I woke up at the beginning of my amniotic fluid - a frenzy I've only ever known in movies. (Honey, darling, he was never too subtle.) As long as your daddy collected his belongings, I was just bamboozing and before we left, we said goodbye to the boy and told him that this was the way to go. He woke up, so I sang a song to him quickly enough to help him fall asleep. Born in the kitchen, I had to spend two minutes and was on the floor of my dad's father in March. Neither a doctor nor a dla - I have no idea that this happened so quickly. As we laid on my stomach and then wrapped it in a turner, we called 911, where the dispatcher ordered us to get a pair of shoelaces to tie the lanyard. Dad pulled on the boots of one of his shoes and asked, "Is it okay to be dirty?" But luckily the bell just came out and I sighed relievedly because the ambulances arrived.After that, I can't look at the shoemakers like before. Daddy said you were a little boy and I just wanted to know if you were okay. But my thoughts didn't let me rest: what if we had something bad happened? When we were 2 months old, we moved. We barely slept, and we practiced what it was like to be a parent with two children, and changed the big city to a smaller one and I was constantly irritated. I felt the days rushing, depressing me to keep making decisions: I knew it was only temporary, but I still hated it. But slowly, I only get to know you! When my brother was born, I knew him well from the beginning. He was captivating my eyes and my personality. You're the daddy's miniature. Loud and Strong.You are impulsive from the beginning, and when you sweat, your voice gets very fast, and often I just couldn't figure out what could calm me down. The more we cried, the more you cried. I hope I could give you as much love as your brother. Because in my heart I love both of you just as much. But as you do with your second child, I read less books for you and made less home baby food than your first baby. I tend to give 110% in everything, but in motherhood, I think there is no room for perfectionism. I really like being so intense and doing what you like right now. For example, when I ask for a big treat, you always bump our heads first. There is something in your smile that is extremely confident. You are too young to be so confident. You think you love any food, except blue (maybe too sour) and soda water. You tend to get so hot, yell, yell at your desk with your tiny thumbs that you almost ruin life. I love how much you love your brother. You love him, and you love you, even on days when you don't want to hit him or lose more play than his own share with you. , I've never been able to do that. But later we listened to it in the church when we got it started and when we started it with random play, we said whatever came, that song. Leonard Cohent was the Hallelujah, and among the 74 songs the band knew and loved to sing. The fraternity begins early. I will always love you,Йdesanyбd(VIA)Related links: