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Many people get less bean credit than they borrowed

Baby-loan loans still require a lot of minor childhood illnesses, and as a result, extra benefits are often given to clients and banks.

Many people get less baby loans than they were promisedBoose loans are used to buy the most existing loans and buy real estate. As much as a bank, there is an offense: it can happen that one of them can get a loan maximum, while only one third of the other. If someone is not urgent, wait a few more weeks, as things become clearer, uncertainties disappear - advised expert András Valkyo to

There were problems with TB certifications

Earlier, the newspaper had noted that the temporary tax card had a problem with OTP approval, after which the largest bank did not accept the newly issued CVC certificate in Teve Street for another day if the client's mother did not appear on it. Then all these problems were solved - the last one was clarified with a central instruction saying that the information on the IBC certificate is used for identification. but which one, therefore, is different from practice in bank. All banks accept E-104, but not the English P60 form. There is no problem with the Austrian printout, some of which have already been approved by banks and are now being worked on by the experts to ensure that acceptances are not a problem. of this, the Hungarian legal relationship must be the last one. In this regard, Sberbank alone is allowed, and in some cases, a full three-year foreign legal relationship, according to their interpreters of the law, has been accepted as such. but my Hungarian residence must be maintained throughout the term of the loan. Anyone who worked and moves home must report to the TO and submit the E-104 paper. For some government windows we can justify the full social security relationship on this basis, but there are also some where only the Hungarian legal relationship is certified. According to Valky Andrbs I don't know for a while: they will consult with the government office and arrive at which exercise is good for you, but there is no answer yet.

That's why you should consult with a specialist

There are many small rules to keep in mind when applying for a baby loan, so you should consult with a specialist before doing so. It is practical to look for the best possible quote for the borrower's parameters, because the practice of banks is very different and you may not need to adjust it to such an extent. As an example to the 24th, Valko Andrabs mentioned that a bank offered a baby loan worth 6 million forints to one of those in need, but by the time the decision came, the sum was melting at 3.4, barely a third of the borrowing. However, the experts, knowing the market, were able to redirect it to another bank, where they could receive the full $ 10 million. In addition to your borrower's capabilities, there may be a lot to depend on which bank offers the most, if you are applying for the maximum amount, and they may also have a good bank account. However, it may still be worthwhile to submit your application.

Cash earnings can also be a problem

If someone has a cash income, it can also be a problem: there is a bank that does not accept cash income during the probationary period, one that accepts a probationary income on the bank balance, and one that accepts only 3 months before, utбn. Not all banks accept foreign employment.You can only apply for a loan at one bank at a time, so by submitting to multiple banks and then choosing one of the offers, you can't speed up the process. In such cases, a specialist who knows the different requirements of the banks may also benefit from not having to run as many laps. Believe that once a request is denied, you can't go through another bank, all you have to do is declare that there is no filed, demanded, signed contract.

Improve your creditworthiness

Baby dolls do not go unless one of the household partners has at least 3 years of social security and is not creditworthy. In such cases it is not worth submitting the application. Creditworthiness can be improved: those who have a credit, credit card, overdraft can be restructured - credit cards, credit lines can be reduced or terminated, as they will be reduced by up to 5 they were accepted by the Secretary of State, Katalin Novák. Most of the requests are accepted by the experts, rather the problem is that banks often offer contracts for less than the amount they ask for, or what they were preached in advance, because the center underestimates the totals. For now, you don't know why, but banks can do that.

Whom is it worth to look for?

It may be worthwhile to expect someone to have a baby baby that is not as urgent. It should also be noted that applying for a loan application can take up to 1-1.5-2-2.5 рr and should be there. You do not have to be married personally, but you are contracted. Many people want to get a loan soon because of the baby's birth, so now it's a big rush, and there are some who are planning to have a baby baby in March, so you will see a monthly loan requirement within one month. So it might be more worthwhile to wait until August for someone who is not so urgent to get the money back in July.Related links: