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Parenting Support - GYET2017

Large family parents are assisted by parenting support (GYET). What are the conditions and how to apply?

Parenting Support - GYET

What is Parenting Support (GYET)?

Parenting support, which is a part of childcare support, is at least three minors Allowance for parents of children under 18 years of age.

Who and how long does childcare support (GYET) go?

Parenting support can be claimed by - by birth or by adoption - a parent (mother, father), their spouse, life partner or child the smallest child from 3 years to 8 years. In the meantime, if the number of minors in the family is below three, the benefit ceases. up to 30 hours a week, or from home without age restriction work.

Who is not eligible for Parenting Support (GYET)?

Support not good:
- after a child has left the household,
- if the parent is in pre-trial detention or is in custody,
- if the parent receives regular social cash benefits (except for CSED, GYED, GYES and other benefits, social assistance, rest, etc.).

How Much is Parenting Support (GYET)?

The monthly amount of GYET is equal to the old-age pension minimum of HUF 28,500 in 2017. 10% of this is deducted from pension contributions, so nettу 25,650 forints folyуsнtanak. In less than a full month, the daily amount is thirty.

How to Apply for Parenting Support (GYET)?

You can claim the benefit on the "Kindness for Parenting Support" form. You can submit your application either personally or by post to your local government office, your local government office, your local government office, or your social security office. By registering as a gatekeeper it is also possible to electronically register on the e-port of the Hungarian State Treasury.
- any identity document (identity card, identity card, certificate, etc.);
- the tax card;
- foreigners with residence permits in Hungary (eg permission to move or reside, EU Blue Card);
- the parent's marriage certificate of marriage, registered life certificate attesting this;
- Adoption parents adopt adoption decision, custody decision.Support can be requested up to two months back.For more information, please see: National Insurance Directorate General.
- Child Care Award - GYED
- Baby Care Award - CSED