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Vitamin D against cough

Sunlight vitamins can also help children survive the winter without getting sick.

THE upper illnesses and to help prepare for an influenza pandemic, if parents are monitoring their children for adequate Vitamin D support. Sunlight Vitamin A also plays a key role in the early stages of defending the immune system.
Children with the appropriate levels of vitamin D are less likely to become infected with the flu and less likely to contract the disease. Vitamin D deficiency infectious respiratory illnesses are also significantly more common. Experts estimate that children in the United States receive less than 2-4 percent of their recommended vitamin D intake, overwhelmed by the Vitamin D training Another basic source of sunlight is also inadequate. More research has confirmed that vitamin D, also called sunlight vitamin, plays a key role in the early stages of the immune system's ability to function. In a study conducted by a senior researcher at Massachusetts General Hospital, experts found that newborns' vitamin D levels affect both childhood respiratory illnesses and early childhood asthma.

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"During this period, the number of obesity-related diseases among young children is increasing significantly every year, and I continue to experience this. Increased attention should be paid to strengthening the immune system. This is especially true in young children with breastfeeding diets, "she says. dr. Kirbly Balz home pediatrician, one of the experts at the Responsible Parents School. According to him, proper vitamin intake - especially vitamin D, also called sunlight - plays an important role in preventing illnesses in the winter.
Vitamin D is found in higher amounts in eggs, fish oil, honey, yeast and mushrooms, muesli, yoghurts, butter and sea fish. "It would be a good idea to incorporate these into some form of children's daily diet, but there are many foods that little ones don't particularly like, plus you can not lose enough vitamin D in your body.
Children do not eat 3 eggs, dozens of fish fillets and heaps a day, but in my experience, mushroom-containing foods are not their favorites, "says Dr. Balбzs, a specialist.
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