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Let's Play Bean Bags!

The bean bag is one of the simplest and greatest toys in the world. It's cool, rugged, and thousands of games to play with. Plus, if you fill it with cherry or cherry seeds, you will have a cushion of magic. Get to school, go to school, go home!

That's how the beans are made

If you still don't have one at home, I'll show you how to make it. My mother's son is ready for school and there is a bean bag on the list for school. Because it's really easy to get started, we came across it.

What you will need:

  • can be colored cotton cloth, or old-fashioned cotton pants
  • textilfilctoll
  • for filling: cherry or cherry seeds, beans, lentils, rice, wheat, corn
  • The size of the beans is 10 * 10, 15 * 10, 15 * 15, 15 * 20 cm. It is worth making a rough copy, or just a little bit larger. We can involve the kid in the coloring so the beanbag is more like his own, and the recycled version is not only environmentally friendly, but if your kid loves to wear his favorite pants. These things are fine, but they make starting school a little easier.Cut a baking sheet from the colorable cotton fabric with a seam allowance of 1-1 cm. We wanted a 14 * 14 cm bag, so we cut out a 14 + 1 * (14 + 1) * 2, or 15 * 30 cm size. Here you can also coat the kid and color the bag with a textile felt. It is worthwhile to look for the child's ovis sign and name.

    Kids can also color textiles

    After coloring, according to the instructions for use of the textile felt pens, you need to iron the fabric, as this will fix the colors. Fold the fabric so that the weft side is outward and sew twice, leaving 3 fingers apart on one side. Turn it over, fill it, and then sew the nipple.In the case of the recycled version, cut the trouser to the desired size. Turn the piece over and sew the free pages together, but don't forget about the filling.Fill the recycled bag and finally sew it together.You can read more about cherry or cherry seed preparation here. (If you are buying non-seeded casserole, you still have the opportunity to make one.) You can also read about cherry and sour cherry cushion.


  • Put it on your head and balance it. If this goes well, we can put obstacles in the loop, but we can go squatting, backwards, and jumping off the balance.
  • Toys with beanbags

  • If you already have an obstacle, you can jump with the knee-clamped bean bag, or you can run the bean bag with your belly as you go.
  • Bomb: My kids love this game. Let's cook a kitchen timer for a few minutes and then toss the bean bag over each other when you have to say animal names. The bean bag can be thrown to the other player once you say the animal name. But, of course, you can play it with names, transport names, or any word that starts with k, but it can also be associated with seasons. The goal is to move the bean jacket as fast as possible, because whoever the bomb kills will drop. Big laugh and excitement.
  • Cubes: in bowls, pots, plates.
  • Throw up the bean bag as we clap, before the stock and then back.
  • We can juggle with more beans.
  • If you have more beans, you can fill them with a variety of materials (acorns, chestnuts, chestnut shells, plastic figurines, buttons), and then feel what's in it.
  • Once you have scanned it well, you can put it on the ground and finish it off.
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