Facts and Beliefs in HomeopathyBefore you use your child, get to know it!

Among the non-traditional remedies for homeopathy, many are false, so it's important to clarify a few basic facts about it so you can decide whether to use it and what you can do about it.

Facts and beliefs about homeopathy

Homeopathy is nothing more than one holistic healing system, which, based on the similarity rule, selects for your patient a homeopathic preparation made by a special procedure. That seems complicated at first, doesn't it? Ultimately, however, being informed about the history behind science can help you quickly understand what your mother is worth and the benefits of traditional medical therapy.

1. The indication of homeopathic remedies is fundamentally different from traditional herbal remedies.

Healing with homeopathic remedies focuses on restoring physical and psychological harmony and preventing illness. Contrary to popular belief, homeopathy is not an Eastern medicine, but a European, German-origin medicine, the discovery of an empirical view of medical medicine. The homeopathic specialist is the one who customizes the medicine ъn. similarity rule (simile principle), yes recording a detailed curriculum vitae after selecting it. It takes into account the physical and functional symptoms and behavioral characteristics of the patient, meaning that when selecting a drug there are numerous requests that the practitioner find the right drug. It is important that there is no unequivocal benefit in homeopathy! There is no contraindication to the use of homeopathy and allopathic remedies at the same time, but it is advisable to check with your pediatrician or pharmacist!

2. Homeopathy is safe.

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3. Homeopathic remedies are made in a special way.

The title of homeopathic monocomponent formulations contains a lot of information that can be traced by laymen: they include the name of the agent, a letter and a number. The name refers to the substance that the homeopathic medicine is made of. potenciбlбssal. During this operation, successive consonants are always made in the same proportion, and in each case, a number of powerful shear (dynamization) stones are defined for each annealing step. In the title, the letters indicate the faith rate used, and the number tells you the number of times the story has been used. Complex agents, on the other hand, contain more potent agents. These are summarized as one of the most frequently used monosomes used in a single diagnosis. The most commonly used beliefs are: 5 CH are local symptoms treatment (eg, outbreaks, mild sunburn, stomach upset), 9 CH general or functional treatment of symptoms (eg stomach, twitching, headache, limb pain) 15 or 30 CH behavior It can be used for treating symptoms or in case of chronic illnesses (eg stress related symptoms).

4. Anyone can learn the trick of home application.

That's right. In acute illness, the method is learned through the use of basic homeopathy, and you can take your mother into the world of drugs with the utmost attention to drugs and your child's symptoms. However, in any case, refer a pediatrician with homeopathic training to treat chronic disease.

5. You don't need a prescription.

In some cases, acute symptoms may also be a major cause of burns, but experts recommend consult a homeopathy doctorto ensure accurate and personalized treatment in all cases. However, these agents are really non-toxic, so they are easily accessible when needed.