Poplar proverbs, poems

We do not have to read poems and sayings during the summer break. Fortunately, the summer literature is rich in Hungarian literature, and Sándor Kánynydi can teach more poems to the youngest ones as well.

Poplar proverbs, poemsWe are well aware of the importance of poems, sayings, in the child's development, rhythmicity, melody of the natural need of the children, to develop the need for poisoning, the imagination.Kányбdi Sándor: Sunshine - hvvogatуSpring, poplar,
sour cherries,
honey scented sunbeam,
Come on, spring, poplar,
the pearls of water,
whitish sunbeam,
Come on, spring, poplar,
brown skin sunbeam,
Come on, spring, poplar,
our skin is scorching,
june sunbeam,
come on! Nemes Nagy Бgnes: Drawing of a poplarWhat did I see? I can tell you.
But it will be best if I draw it. You can help me,
just look, just look at my right hand. This is this house, this is your,
this is ъt, we are up,
this is alphabet, this is letter here,
this is the day, this is the south.
This calf is here, lazy ears,
belly beats your belly,
this is a blossom, a thousand, a thousand,
this dark blackberry,
this is the wind, the flying,
the awakening, the awakening,
this is fruit, this is bird,
this is the thing,
this is the summer.
When the huh falls, I look.I look when the huh falls:
it was the house, it was you. Imre Horvath: What do we want for the summer?For sandblast: heap,
For angling: worm,
Mountains: big mountain,
for ice cream: fresh milk,
to the river: big, big,
Blind-100 days!Devecsery Laszlo: CloudsOut in the meadow, summer meadow,
summer-afternoon, light wind,
lying down, wakeful,
I looked up at the sky high.
Clouds came, clouds went,
played like kids:
they laughed, laughed,
and then they went on.
They went further, far far,
shaped into shape!
There was a dragon coming: finding a flame,
did you play it live?
Cracked sea:
she is but no man;
after fish, which is good,
smile smile clouds?
I also saw gout, Irish,
big bird: bobbin,
wind-headed cloud trumpet,
rabbits with wings: flown,
above me the wind violin?
Magic has been countless,
clouds played hundreds of stories,
and the death is over! Sarkady Sбndor: ZбporDrop, drop, drop
flashes, clicks, stops;
Slippers, waterfalls
the clouds are running, so is the sun.
He came, he went - you fell:
hey, he was a tree.Kбnyбdi Sándor: Alma, almaApple, apple red apple up on the tree
If I didn't, I would cut it off
But I have no hope,
look forward to the birth of that apple
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