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The period of exploration games

The baby's first two lives are about continuous discovery. You can play your games with a variety of games.

In terms of the development of babies, play is key in terms of emotional as well as physical, cognitive (meaning their thinking) and social abilities. Sajбt testьkrхl йs the kцrьlцttьk lйvх vilбgrуl can also learn the йletьk elsх szakaszбban legtцbbet keresztьl the jбtйkokon: ezйrt say that the szьletйsьktхl nagyjбbуl mбsodik йletйvьkig tartу idхszak felfedezйs the babбk igйnybe take all the йrzйkszervйt felfedezх jбtйkok korszaka.A: the elsхsorban tapintбst (what kind of sensation to grab something?), a hallбst (what sound does this play?) and a lбtбst (can a subject be glorious in its color), but to a lesser extent, smell and taste, not to mention the curiosity of movement: babies are fully satisfied,When choosing a game, consider what skill you are working on. When selecting a game of this type, parents should pay particular attention to the ability of their children to develop. If, for example, they find that three-month-olds are just interested in grabbing objects, they may want to choose larger, softer, well-gripping toys. If your baby just wants to see everything that moves, then looking for a hanging toy on the bed is worth looking for that can be moved by the wind. And when, at the age of one, you are already interested in the relationship between cause and effect, you can simply "shut down?" A door.Games with Coach: smiling, looking at each other, laughing, peeping, tickling with parents, brothers and sisters - babies love them all.Games with Objects: Touching, hitting, biting, tossing, hitting: Few things impress children, especially between the ages of 4 and 10 months.Functional games: the first and the second of every life can be used to play a weekday, because their fantasy begins to diminish: you can use the toothbrush to make a phone call, iron the truck and so on.Symbolic games: the second lifetime is the appearance of a ring: then a simple shoe box can turn into a bus, and a plastic ring can be made into a toy - just as much as a better place.Szerepjбtйk: it is more typical of two-year-olds: babies, actresses, medical puppets and the like can play a role. The games that best help you discover are some of our favorite favorites: balls, cubes, music games, books, baby phones, and things that have to be taken into account - make sure your baby is up to date.