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Baby Development - Fourth Months

Babies realize that their environment is responding to everything they do: this is one of the highlights of this exciting month.

Baby Development - Fourth MonthsLike the previous three, so is the fourth month of the baby, a period of unrestrained pace of development, one of the most prominent features of which is that babies begin to actively and enthusiastically show their presence to the ghastly, the beautiful. They need a lot of energy and strength to do this, which fortunately also made it clear to them that they are getting into a world of war: this month they doubled their birth weight. (If, on the other hand, your birth weight has only increased by less than half this month, you may want to discuss what to do with your pediatrician.)

Everything gets to the mouth

Babies decide most will continue this month if the diet is exclusively breast milk or nutritional - but it doesn't seem to be very good for babies in the age), it is possible to try to exercise caution, but only if they are able to survive and keep their heads steady. But if you don't want to eat too much, for example, they don't take the food out of the can, then you shouldn't force it. so far. By this time, the size of their stomachs is much larger than in the first weeks of their lives, meaning they are able to accommodate more than one feed at a time, resulting in a reduction in the number of feeders on average to 4-7 we can keep our heads In an upright position, lying on the stomach, I can lift their chest or even lighten up. Turning from a belly to a back usually goes hand-in-hand with them at this time, and they also tend to tune their hands more and more, so they can be better at playing with games. Grabbing objects (human body parts, clothes, and jewelry that are always worth paying attention to) is considered to be one of the most important activities, and because touch is still a key part of it, it is worthwhile , the baby will be lifted to his mouth, so small objects should not be left behind as they can cause suffocation.

Big sleeps, smaller setbacks

This month, babies and their parents' nights are quite different from the first couple of weeks after their birth: the little ones are 7-8 yrs, that is, you can spend a whole night there, but they also sleep twice a day on average two to three urns. But if we let go too much of this, well, we know that because of the profound changes in their brains and bodies, this month also often has a fall in sleep patterns, with more frequent night-time wakefulness. However, these are only transient disturbances, and the best thing to do is to stick to a certain amount of sleep. they are, therefore, worth living in colors with magnificent objects, pictures, posters. They are able to focus even farther away, though they are still mostly close-ups and feven on human faces they will watch. (If your eyes catch on a regular basis or they don't follow their movement, it's worth talking to your pediatrician.) This month's curiosity can also make the baby's eyes look like a change in color - with the risk of death.

Masters of the Awareness April

When it comes to shaping personalities, this month plays a big part in preventing causes from happening - because the environment is responding to their actions, whether it is a rush to say or a word to be heard, (they smile back and usually give birth to something). They all like to repeat them again and again just to see the effect. The same is true for linguistic communication: they try to communicate with us by barking, screaming, giggling and all kinds of noises to provoke effect. Their mimicry is becoming more and more expressive and multi-faceted: we can read the anger, fatigue or wonder clearly on their face. You can help them by telling them every few minutes, or just a few sentences each day, as they can bring out different shades of emotion. Also early this month is the early key to baby brain development, meaning objectivity: the perception that objects, even people, are not lost - it is just a matter of losing it.
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