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Addition fat guide

At the age of 6 months, the introduction of the flesh can begin with the introduction of the baby. At first, stewed, cooked chicken breasts are the suggested, but a little bit more, you can try it all.

Addition fat guideWith the help of a dietitian, we tried to find out what flesh is worth incorporating into the diet of the little ones. Consuming flesh plays an important role in helping the body's white, says dietician María Bencze. Small iron stores are exhausted by the age of 6 months, so it is important to bring in the right amount in some form. Foods of vegetable origin do not absorb iron efficiently, even though the utilization of iron in the flesh is very good, and also to a large extent, aid in the absorption of iron in foods. In addition, the flesh provide a wholesome protein that is useful for the human body. At the main meal (breakfast, lunch, dinner) it is important to have a full protein, that is, a protein source that contains all the essential amino acids (protein essential for the body), such as milk, milk, milk. These foods are also important fat sources, so the fat-free version is recommended, and in the case of whites, the use of leaner portions is recommended. It is also possible to plan frost-free days, but make sure that other foods provide a minimum daily protein intake (eg with cheese, eggs). Flesh plays an important role in blood training, being an important source of B12 and iron as well as zinc, but let's not forget their cholesterol content.

Let's be trustworthy

There is no need to be a blind, black-belted eccami to take into account the fact that large-scale meat processing has a serious price. Many animals housed in small spaces are less likely to become ill and receive antibiotics for prevention. The regulations are stricter in this regard in the European Union area as well as in Hungary, but It is worth paying attention to the quality of the meat about the purchase. First of all, if we just remember the old Hungarian saying "it's cool, it's juice", or if we rely on our senses to prepare it, we should not pick the brand that didn't smell the closest. In our decisions, it is worth keeping in mind that small children should from reliable sources gaining flesh and after talking about very small amounts in the first period, it may not be as much of a burden on your wallet.

Maintain diversity!

Man is basically a group of omnipotents, and this is indisputable. At the same time, it is important that children learn from a young age, and the flesh bar is very important, but not exclusive. Consumption of vegetables, fruits, cereals should be balanced in the same way. Well, if, in addition to the meat intake, the little ones are constantly getting food and sandwich creams that give them a better understanding of the greens, so that when they grow older, they don't just accept bread and pickled vacuums.

Natural tastes

Very often there are many added raw materials in the ready-to-use meat products, which serve only for volume increase. These products also often contain a superfluous artificial boost for the little ones. It is worthwhile to remove these ingredients from the purchase and possibly choose products that are free of these. Many additives do not have the problem of having a detectable effect on health, but the enhancers can easily distort the slightly natural and thus less open to the natural. Of course, this is true not only for meat, but also for other food products. So, if possible, read the ingredients list of the products and avoid artificial flavors and aromas.

Instant Solution: Salami?

Salami is an attractive option and our denial is delicious, but it's worth bearing in mind that they are extremely high in fat and are rarely recommended for consumption, the expert continues.

How do we make it?

In order to reduce or not increase the fat content of the meat anyway, we prefer the barbecue, try the shades or the boule moulia in the meal. There are many recipes that can be used in other techniques, such as deep frying (fried chicken or fish sticks in the oven).


Chicken, turkey

It is easier to digest and cook faster for so-called white meats than for example chicken, turkey.


Red flesh is among the flesh, it is harder to chew because of its high connective tissue content, but it contains a good source of iron and B vitamins. After a year, it is worthwhile to try it, even in prime form.


Like cattle, it contains B vitamins and iron, but is fatter in meat. At first, we recommend the leaner portions, but you should pay closer attention to the portions.

Mangalica, fur cattle

Mangalica and fur of cattle, which is primarily GMO (genetic modification) free, are of exceptional quality. The quality of the meat is determined by the fat content of its tissues, which makes it possible to prepare very delicious meat and food.


Because there are many benefits, if you have the opportunity, it is worth trying to fit into your little ones' routine. Typically, game meat (rabbit, hare, wild boar, deer, etc.) is much leaner, which is why you might recommend it, but they have a higher degree of grit, which can be a burden when cooking - adds the specialty.

They're up, flesh whoops

A significant number of those who have been conceived or have flesh contain additives, most of which provide shelf-life, and can be used to prevent serious nutritional warnings and food infections. It is particularly important for allergy sufferers to read the ingredients of these supplements in all cases. In the case of salami, sausages, we need to count fewer additions if we choose "traditional ripening" instead of "instant ripening".


It is a very good source of iron and contains fat-soluble vitamins (vitamins A, D, E, K). However, it is important to give only the young animal liver to the little ones and to prepare the liver well: wash it thoroughly, then rinse it in garlic milk or water for a minute or more, and then cook for at least ten minutes. Baby, liver-based foods can be eaten once a day for 7-10 days. There are a lot of homes that can be made and picked out from amongst the apostates and the bishops, and they can't be touched by the store. You can also replace cold cuts with very thin slices of cold meat, and there are now some special recipes. We can also make liver cream and frostbite at home, the advantage of being able to spice it up and control its content. So we're creating another opportunity to just have the delicious bread on the bread that we put into it.


Fish are good sources of protein and have high levels of unsaturated fat, which play a major role in the development of the brain and nervous system, and can be easily digested. Sea and freshwater variants are equally well-used. Fish flesh, however, is poor and must be observed during the preparation and storage. Fish do not have to be cooked for long, they are ready in a matter of seconds, which also makes them easy to use. Before giving it to the little ones, it is worth cutting into smaller pieces and making sure it has no edges. It would be ideal to consume two or three times a week after one year. If you consume fish in the form of canned fish, it is advisable to use canned oil, as many omega-3 fatty acids are liberated during storage, so if you lose the oil, you will lose this valuable fatty acid as well. If it is possible, try to get fresh fish, and the taste and balance is much better. It is worth checking that the sprat of pre-packed and frozen fish and the sprat of fresh fish available to us are significant and, if possible, that the fresh is favored over the frozen. The article appeared in Maternity Magazine, which you can subscribe to online. Look for the latest issue from the New Yorkers!Related articles in this topic:
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