Breastfeeding is the most beautiful thing

The baby's most important diet for the first six months of life is breast milk. There are some who advocate breastfeeding, but the majority agree with professionals who are not convinced to emphasize its importance.

Breastfeeding is the most beautiful thingPerhaps there are no mothers who haven't breastfed their newborn baby for at least a few days. Breast milk is the most comfortable and important diet for babies in the first few months. Little mother talks about the difficulties and breastfeeding of breastfeeding.

"I tried to breastfeed"

Esther thinks back to the most beautiful and most intimate of life szoptatбsra. "I was trying to breastfeed! Flower was so sweet when she said goodbye, she put a small hand on my breast. She ate so much that she was sure she was enjoying breastfeeding at least as much as she did. As she grew more and more demanding for her dose, which for me was starting to get pregnant.

"I'm sorry you had to stop"

Mariann breastfeeded her baby for only a few weeks. "Breastfeeding was difficult for them, I had to head, because I had a lot of milk to feed on two rations. In the first few weeks, I was breast-fed, and a little suckling of milk, and I lost some sleep. I really couldn't milk my breasts, so by the sixth week you had both set on fire. Along with the terrible pain, my fever fell to forty degrees. I was unable to breastfeed, and by the time I got better, Bron only accepted the baby bottle. I was very sorry that we had to stop breastfeeding, but I also have to admit that nutritional nutrition they went with a lot less bending, "says Mariann.

"I saw stars, so sorry"

Andrea gave birth to her first child 23 years old. "At that time, it was customary for infants to feed on babies in the hospital, so my baby boy was always asleep when it came to breastfeeding. , of course, I spanked my breast with encouragement. And then we did another and another painful trial, so after two months, the discomfort, and I never thought to stop. the pain was caused by the narrow milk pricesthat came in time. I was breastfeeding for 12 months, barely waiting for my second child to re-feel the sensation. Well, I'm not thinking about pain, but the intimate relationship, "Andrea recalls from the beginning.

"I was constantly suggesting myself"

Anna has been breastfeeding her baby for so long. "I couldn't get used to this state, even though I constantly suggested to myself that it was natural and that I was doing good to the child. when I wanted to breastfeed, she didn't ask, after two or three sniffs my milk flowed out of her mouth.

"What could be better?"

Gyöngyvár is the mother of three children. "My breast was breastfeeding for eight months. I followed every instruction from point to point, and I kept telling me because I was afraid I wouldn't have enough milk, I freeze the excess, and my baby didn't read it. I didn't do much with the boys, I only lifted the milk when I had to piss on the baby for a while. I enjoyed breastfeedingand I wouldn't mind if it lasted longer, because what could be a better sensation? "- says Gyöngyyver. In the first six months of a baby's life, the most important diets are breast milk. However, as our examples prove, not everyone can breastfeed their baby for at least half a year, and there may be a number of difficulties in the initial period. In such cases, it is worth seeking help, especially from a breastfeeding advisor. Professionals encourage all mothers to breastfeed their babies further, but who, for some reason, do not have the ability to breastfeed, will do a lot to keep their baby healthy during the first three months breastfeeding he decided. Related articles in breastfeeding: