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Which is really good if your kid is learning to fall

Regular exercise is important at a very young age, and custody is the number one favorite of many. But how can we promote it to regulate the foam regularly?

Every parent wants the good of their children, tries to train them in many ways, and takes them everywhere, so that they can choose from a variety of alternatives. However, the children will fall short, they can cry over everything. We do not have to make a big buzz to feel good, just to find the form of movement in which you can best develop. It is fashionable nowadays to play English, ballet, music and music from a very young age. Of course, these are also called in early childhood and in infancy. Just as baby is fashionable. They can all be really useful and can contribute to the development of a good parent-child relationship, but those who "just" grow up, or give it a go, do not miss anything.

It is a good idea to start your education early

On the other hand, movement is very important from a very young age. From the ages of a few weeks onwards, it is worthwhile to exercise the baby weakly, and as you change, the playback can come in all quantities, and you can continue moving in the water. Play, paddle, paddle, water, run. With a number of fun effects, even less good-natured children are guaranteed to get hungry for water. Those who are a little more shy, ruthless, or just not so mobile can gain a great deal of confidence in the water with some parental encouragement. You may need more patience, but you should not give up, get used to the medium, and over time you will see a marked improvement in dry land movement. Slowly, but surely, little information in a small head collects a lot of information.
I recommend education to all children regardless of their faith. There may be kids developing at a much faster rate than us on the course, but sooner or later everyone will learn how to fall if the parents don't run.

What's that board for?


I hear from many parents that they do not understand why the child sleeps on planks over the months. Then, in the coming months, he will skate in the high water or hang on the pool wall. In my adult education, I often say that they are just bothered by the planks, because they can do anything without it. The truth is, these tools cannot and should not be wasted in education. Kids hold on to it because it gives them a sense of security and they are able to move at great speed. However, while the pace of the foot is not perfect, (at least for us) there is no further. In our education, we strive to be more thorough, because every movement that is not well-practiced will avenge itself later on. And that is why adults also have to stretch the lengths with boards and skates so that they can concentrate on the arms and legs.


Your buoywhat needs to be done between the legs helps a lot in mastering the treadmill, as it keeps the feet in the water, "doesn't have to worry about it." Later, when you are already training or getting full of technique, you do a great job of being able to focus on your body parts.


Noodles or maggots It also serves a similar purpose, it can make education more diverse, and it can give monotony to newcomers a new impetus. Mostly the kids love it, because besides helping it all, you can ride a horse.


The palm of your hand Urdu case. This is a tool that you have to put on your hands with all kinds of weird rubber bands, and it will make your hands look like horns and fins have grown between our fingers and between our fingers. Of course, my teachings are not crazy when they are in my hands, they start to get scared at first, and then I gradually realize that it is not such a bad thing. Those who think seriously about sport as a sport will get it sooner or later. We can do a great job of boosting it, strengthening it, and by the way, another tool that breaks the unanimity of the coaches.
All in all I can say that, unlike in rubber and in the summer, these tools are needed during training and during training. It is not a mistake to learn a lot with just these, and you need a lot of practice to skip them with perfect technique.

With parents or an educator?

These tools can be purchased by parents, they can be used to invent games, and I think they are better than rubber. The kid who is going to teach will probably do with him the exercises that have already been done in the universe. However, I do not recommend individual practice with parents. The information could confuse the child. As long as the instructor covers the bubble in the water, some parents tell them to hold their breath while underwater. And this is just one example among many. You won't understand the doctrine in the next lesson of why water is going in your nose when Dad told you to do it.
What I do not recommend in any way is that the parent should go into the deep water first. If you're not waterproof yet, you don't have to go inside. Then the instructor will teach him how to behave there, a moron in the classroom. Some people move naturally in the deep water, but it is more common to get used to it. Especially the cold water.
All in all I can say that we should not teach the child to fall, trust this specialist, and always show what you have learned is best practice.
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