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There is a temporary supply shortage of vaccine but no need to worry

Pentaxim vaccines have been delivered to babies in principle, and today more doses are being released, according to information from the agency.

As we have already understood, several parents have reportedly told one of the big news reports that they had gone to the doctor's office to vacate the baby, and the doctor had sent them home, citing a vaccine failure.

The vaccine may slip

The Ministry of Human Resources issued a communication on the problem. Acknowledging the kцtelezх vйdхoltбsi system according tartozу oltуanyag бtmeneti kйszlethiбnyбt.A kцzlemйny esedйkes 2, 3, 4 йs 18 hуnapos diftйria age, pertussis, tetanus, Haemophilus influenzae type b йs szьksйges vйdхoltбsokhoz against polio цtkomponensы oltуanyagbуl (Pentax) jъlius 10 йtхl the kiszбllнtottбk reserves to and through the county government offices, medical offices, and pediatricians. The amount delivered is estimated to be two per week. Dispatch of additional vaccine volume required for Q3 2017 will begin on July 28, 2017, according to the agency's announcement. The vaccine is expected to arrive soon in all parts of the country. In addition, organizational and design aspects must be considered. This is how the two, three and four months old infant vaccination practice has evolved. In the case of two-month-old vaccinations, transient deficits are not a problem, as is the case with each vaccine. An acne doctor or parent may vacate this condition because of the acute, febrile illness of the baby being vaccinated. The rescuing effect of a rescheduled or subse- quently injected vaccine is unchanged.