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Aeration Over: 5 Tips for Moving Your Baby

Both baby and mom need winter air. It doesn't matter what your baby is breathing. Here are some tips.

Aeration Over: 5 Tips for Moving Your Baby

Even for newborn babies, it is important to be airborne. As long as spring-spring or fall babies from 2 weeks of age can safely breathe even daily, over-born moms are better off waiting for a 4 week old with the first real walk. air: first ventilate only when the baby is not in the room. The baby is approx. With 10 days open window, seasonal dresses should take 5-10 minutes to get used to. You can gradually increase the time until you are 4 weeks old, but you are out of the house. It is good to have the baby always in a quiet place with little or no traffic and, of course, it is best to have clean air. In very severe weather conditions you do not have to go for a walk or breathe, such as windy, drizzly, cold weather or if it is 5 degrees colder. However, even in very cold weather, staying outside for a couple of minutes is a good idea (think, for example, in Scandinavian countries, babies 4-6 weeks old are well dressed and wrapped in anesthetic).

1, One more layer

Layered dressing is a basic requirement for babies, and since it moves little and gets cooler than an adult, you should always add one layer more than you like. But also make sure that you are not overloaded in your home!

2, Cool, warm, insulated clothes

It is important that the baby is well ventilated, but that it is warm and cotton-colored. In cold and cold weather, the outer garment should be warm, waterproof and heat-insulating. Most babies' overalls are suitable for this purpose.

3, Slide the stroller and carrier

If you are not storing your stroller in a flat or heated place, bring it into a room temperature before putting it into a fully cooled stroller. The bottom of the stroller is covered with a warm blanket. Of course, in extreme cold, the baby also needs a blanket, even if there is a fur coat or overalls underneath. Carry on your own body heat to warm the baby, so it is not worth putting on as much air as in a stroller. Layered dresses are important, but much less dress is sufficient, due to the proximity of the body. You can get a variety of accessories for high-end portability: carry jacket or carry blanket. They absolutely must. Buy the right M hold now!

4, How do you know it's hot?

Your baby will not feel good when you move, and it will also have a visible sign: your face will be flushed, stingy or unkind. If you hit the neck and feel that the baby is damp, you can be sure that there are too many clothes on it.

5, It should be on it

The basic requirement for layered transfer is a layer of long sleeved cotton bodysuit, a kicking trouser and / or cardigan, a cardigan. In a slightly lighter time, a warm overalls or fur coat can come to the kicker. And if it's really cold, give me some stockings, too. Caps are a must-have type of flip-flops and forehead covers, just like baby carriage covers. Carrying a baby doesn't need as much layers and things to keep in mind as there are babies' leggings and extra socks. A cap is a must in this case too, perhaps the sheer cap is best because it protects the neck and the ears at the same time. Don't be frightened by the rain or the cooler or even colder weather! Keep an eye out for spending time, but keep your daily breath on your agenda, too!Related articles in Aerial Aeration: