The yellow rape also protects against the breast

Rape is a beautiful, yellowish color given by beta-carotene - presumably this compound also helps prevent breast cancer. And this is just one of the positive effects.

You need a yellow scarlet every day!

If you want to take action against breasts, it is worth including nipples, mangoes, red peppers in our diet. chlorophyll obscures the yellow color. (Such as the nipple, which has almost the same amount of beta-carotene as the carb rape.) Beta-carotene is a vitamin A supplement. Adequate Beta-Carotene, Vitamin A intake can help with eye function. (Especially for dyspepsia problems, one daily rupee is a big help.) It also helps prevent cardiovascular disease. It has an excellent antioxidant effect on the skin. Its anti-cancer effect is also known: research has shown that the number of lung, skin, stomach and colon tumors decreases in parallel with the increase in beta-carotene intake. However, scientists are now studying the extent to which breast influences the likelihood of breast development. The results are promising: women are up to 40-60 percent less likely to breast-feed if they take a diet rich in beta-carotene over the long term. On average, one in eight women is affected by the problem.1500 women have been studied in the European Lifelong Research, the subject has a certain type of breasts, and 1500 women who are healthy. We examined their dietary habits and then evaluated the proportion of beta-carotene in our bodies. The results of this study show that those who eat foods rich in beta-carotene have a 40 to 60 percent lower chance of developing breast breasts.

Baby room: Vitamin A is also important for growth and helps the immune system

Many do not know, but Vitamin A plays an important role in bone growth and growth, and also helps the body fight infections.How to cover the amount needed? One adult needs 1 mg of vitamin A (retinol) or 6,000 nanograms of beta-carotene per day. These can be covered, among others, with 50 g of beetroot, 170 g of salt and 315 g of broccoli. In high school, half of the adult population is in need. Calculated, for example, this amount is 25 grams of yellow rape, 75 grams of roasted eggs, 157 grams of broccoli.Related Useful Pages in Baby Room:
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