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The darkest days of my life were the first days with my baby

Baby lifestyle comes with so many changes we didn't expect. After a happy, full-blown pregnancy, there is a more difficult, more controversial period. No one really understands what comes after childbirth.

The darkest days of my life were the first days with my baby

Do you usually look at old photos on your phone? You jump back and forth between images and you're just nostalgic. I used to. There is a slight distraction, recalling the happy moments, and when I get to other photographers, I shudder, "Oh my God, but yeah, the years have passed since." When I was 37 weeks pregnant, my baby started to work. More and more, I was scared that I was going to suffer such terrible pain as I had ever in my life, so I was seriously worried if I would survive. If somebody asks me what your birth was like, I say the easiest thing in the world. However, everything that comes after is the hardest thing you can ever imagine. I never thought that the first few days of my childhood would be the busiest days of my life, and that I will usually mention these two words in one sentence.

The hardest changes

From the condition that everyone was constantly jumping on me and asking me that I was, suddenly after birth I became a forgotten nobody. Freshly brewed coffee in the doorway, for a baby army, who I could cover up afterwards.Always tummy-eyed everyone and smiled graciously at me, with a grumpy child, I get exclusively fleeting looks on the street. For relatives who were seen once a year, it was more natural to welcome them in an immaculate home when I just gave life to a child who was so kind to my belly during pregnancy. my body somehow forgot to "communicate it." The moment my baby wakes up, the my wife disappeared without a trace. My head is crying, my waist, my back, and of course down there. During breastfeeding, I clenched my teeth and shifted from pain. You were hell every single time ... I remember when I offered to give my brother an oral rebuke because I was afraid if I didn't, he would leave. I felt like a total bankruptcy missed the maternal estuary? Not a minute of relief in all parenting? For three days, I waited and waited for myself to be properly discharged and not to be sent home from the hospital by saying, "Mom, this will not give birth." In the midst of crazy pain, but I finally gave birth to my son. I was proud of myself. So you are all pretty and good now? - I asked myself. I had to realize it was not at all. Parenting was the light part of the thing, only the real, hard turn came. Not sleep. NEVER IS A SLEEP. No, no one understands this, who didn't die. I once heard that anyone who said their kids were asleep all night long was lying. Well, I wanted to be one of these lying mothers all the more. I wanted to, because I felt like they were robbed, I was cursed. I remember applying for a first aid course, but I couldn't go because raising my baby completely cleared my neck and my back ... I didn't let me choose a new date and didn't give me the money back. I couldn't afford to pay for a course. When I told the woman on the phone, I shook myself, but she was not impressed. I had no idea what kind of control I was. In a "let's face it" type of 12, I had exactly every meal and sleep for a minute, I chose my whole life to be a faithful mother. The düh ruled over me. I could have smashed walls and sobbed in the bed because I was so tired and frustrated that nothing worked in my life the way it did before.

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Why didn't my child sleep like the rest of my baby? Why was everyone so happy about me that I felt so sad and lonely? The day is 24 ounces the four walls are numberedI was not happy for a moment… However, my second child had something to change. I started a lot attribute less importance for certain things. For example, there is order in the apartment. Or to make coffee for my fiancé - there is a coffee maker, everyone can do it for themselves. I didn't get upset, even when the kid started crying in the stroller ... The dolls have some shit, this is it. In the meantime, first-aid folks also contacted me to ask for a promo exchange. I was discreetly reminding them that they were not willing to give back the old course money, well, no, I don't want anything, and they can go to hell. everything will get better, even the worst, darkest days go by, and everything seems a little lighter with time. I was like that, after all, I chose a second child. Surely there is a reason why we endure so much suffering for so many times. I still have some bad days, but I can handle them. I'm a cool guy ... so more of a great mom, and damn well, we were made of hard wood.For: Mum On The Run blogRelated articles after the birth:
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