The Holy Rush of Baja in Baja

Among the facilities located in the area of ​​the Baja Hospital, the one arrives almost immediately in front of the patinated, towering birth-unit.

It was soon discovered among the old walls built by Burg Chief's plans in 1939 that new winds were head. The Chief Physician coming to the department, dr. Csaba Bay its activities have led to modern changes that serve the interests of both mothers and babies.
- I want the county to choose a baby mother born here that can have the same benefits as anywhere in the country or even in Europe. To do this, we need to create conditions that allow women to freely choose among the options that can make birth easier for them, and to have the most important event in their lives. Csaba Bay. - However, there are a number of obstacles that have to be overcome - most of all we had to deal with financial constraints and lack of capacity so far.
Dr. Csaba Bay tells us that epidural anesthesia is now being introduced in the Baja births. They are planning to have babies born in the sun first, and then 24 hours a day, with spinal anesthesia, which is specifically recommended for moms. Routine interventions so far are now done according to the mother's requirements in the profession, and can be avoided, as well as shaving, if there is no reason to do so. It is possible to give birth to the first baby without having to have a baby, and to have a normal baby after birth. In case of threatening premature birth, small children are transported to an institution with a neonatal intensive care center. Co-operation with the Kecskemét Hospital, the Department of Obstetrics of the Szeged Clinic, and the Women's Clinic of Pecs is paramount.
Also among the reforms is that the family can return home soon after childbirth; During depression, the baby is free to walk as long as the condition of the baby and mother allows. After giving birth, today, not only do the mothers put the baby in their stomachs, they also help with breastfeeding in the first moments. The mother gets milk from her milk when she goes back to the baby room, and only in very justified cases do babies get milk, except from the glass.
Birth number 2010: 550
Ratio of Cuttings: 33.6 percent
There is no alternative room.
There are three adjustable beds in the living room, separated by curtains.
Alternative Tool: Ball
24 ounces rooming-in works.
There are two three-bedded children's rooms and one double room.
No pay rooms.
The father cannot be in the surgery with a cupcake.
Babies can be viewed through the window during visits.
There is a Parenting Course, and the Parish School operates under the name Tuesdays with varying lectures.